Ask Me About My Journey - Paul Williams

By Paul Williams

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
I'm Paul Williams, a computer programmer. Millie Young came to our church and talked about working with schools in Colombia. That was my lead into working for missions on a couple trips to Colombia. I am closer to God when I go on an MFM trip. It gets me away from the normal grind of life.

Recently, I have gotten involved with Homes for Haiti. I have met awesome people and look at things differently, look at people differently, look at things I do differently, and look at how I spend my time and money. People that have been helped by Homes for Haiti and received a house are so gracious. A 20 x 20 house is everything to them. I have a fantastic house, but it doesn't mean that much to me anymore.

God gave me the skills to reorganize a multi-media room and to help Colombian and Haitian missionaries with their computers.