Encouragement + Evangelism = Expansion

By Doug and Cindy Tankersley Regional Directors, Latin America

Encouragement plus Evangelism equals Expansion of MFM into Colombia.

Kent Eller, Vice International Executive Director of Men for Missions, has consistently brought encouragement to many with the simple question, “How can MFM come alongside you?” It was answering this question that led us to serve as career missionaries with OMS. It was the answer to this question that supported us in our role as Regional Directors with Men for Missions. It was answering this question that led us to serve with MFM in Colombia. Twelve years later, it is answering this question that has led to the expansion of MFM throughout Colombia.

“How can we come alongside you to do what God is calling you to do?” This has been the driving force of our ministry to serve alongside Saturation Colombia. Saturation Colombia requested MFM evangelism teams to help them saturate Colombia with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2012, MFM has sent 27 teams to work alongside 85 national churches in their own communities.

Arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand, MFM has walked and served God together with Colombians to bring the Gospel of Jesus to more than 10,000 people. Together we encouraged each other, we built each other up in the Lord, and we witnessed the transforming power of God TOGETHER!

In each of these communities, we were asked, “How can we, too, have an MFM ministry here in our area?” In each community we left Warren Hardig’s book, Iron Sharpens Iron and explained that our week of evangelism together was the perfect example of what Proverbs 27:17 means when, “one man sharpens another.”

Jonathan Tobón and Ximena Cardona Bastidas
Jonathan Tobón and Ximena Cardona Bastidas
The impressive thing is that this sharpening did not stop when the MFM team left the country. The Colombians are now replicating the same encouragement that they received.  They ask how they can come alongside people in their own communities, outside their communities. This fall they plan to cross their own borders to come alongside men and women in other countries helping them do what God is calling them to do.

Currently, there are four communities that have created their own Men for Missions program, to challenge lay men and women to DO, GO and GIVE as they seek to evangelize those around them. The expansion of MFM-Colombia is now being led and facilitated by Jonathan Tobón. Jonathan has served with SaturaColombia for two years in several different roles.  In 2018, he will coordinate 12 evangelism teams from the U.S.A. and Canada. His goals are to come alongside those in Colombia to help them cross their own borders in short-term missions, to bring the Gospel and the Satura model of follow-up, discipleship, and church planting into other parts of Latin America.

Satura Facilitators
Team of Satura Facilitators
As we begin our new role as MFM Regional Directors – Latin America, it is our desire to continually ask, “How can we come alongside you?” Then have the blessing of watching God move through His children throughout Latin America.