Glimpses of Grace

By Willie Hochhalter

Joani Hochhalter leading a team
Joani Hochhalter leading a team in door to door evangelism
“Team Grace” encountered God’s Grace as Mission Cartagena shared the Gospel.

It was a joy for my wife, Joani, and me to accompany five other members of Grace Church Louisville, Kentucky, to serve God in Cartagena, Colombia.

As we began discussing and planning this trip, the Grace children, youth, and adults were willing to be a part. Members of the team were invited to speak with the children and give periodic reports during Sunday worship services. Some financial assistance was given to each team member. God worked in the hearts of every team member as we prepared both emotionally and spiritually for this endeavor.

We were told this would be the first experience for any group to work alongside Colombia brothers and sisters in this “hot and humid” coastal city of Cartagena. We were part of SaturaColombia (Saturation Colombia) which has a commitment to reach out to every child, youth, man, and woman that they may have the opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus.

Upon arrival in Cartagena, we were met by a missionary family and Jonathan, a Colombian brother in charge of coordinating our activities with four local churches, and he cared for our logistics.

We were a part of the ministry in four churches where they started putting into action the mandate of Matthew 28:19, “to go and make disciples.” Our team assisted them in going out to share the story of Jesus and His saving grace. We learned from the pastors and church members and felt their excitement as God used them to reach the people in their neighborhoods, using the EvangeCube.

Willie Hochhalter engages local residents
Willie Hochhalter engages local residents, telling the story of God’s love in the streets of Cartagena, Colombia
Each member of the Grace team will remember the faces of those to whom they witnessed. Some faces showed physical abuse, others the effects of extreme poverty, and some revealed old age. They each had their stories.
When they heard God’s story of His Son coming to earth to save His people from their sins and that they could have their sins forgiven by giving their hearts to Jesus, they responded to His saving love.

During our stay in Colombia, 424 people made decisions to follow Christ. The churches have followed up with these people and many have become actively involved in Bible studies. Please continue to pray for these churches and pastors that they will be faithful to follow Him and carry out the mandate that God has given each of us.