MFMers helping make Manta whole again

By Kevin Willms Western Canada MFM Regional Director

In January 2018, a group of Canadians and Americans traveled to Ecuador to work on rebuilding churches and homes damaged by an earthquake in the Manta area in April 2016. God put together a team of very unique people. We learned to deeply appreciate each other. The time we spent together sharing about our individual lives and how God has led and guided each one of us were very, very special!

Before the trip started, there seemed to be a number of logistical problems. The trip was planned on very short notice, plane tickets were difficult to get, and we were the first group with MFM involved in the Manta project. At the last minute, a good friend from Kentucky joined our team which made it possible to achieve the number we needed. The weekend we left from Miami, there was a huge snowstorm on the East coast. When the couple departing from Ontario got to the airport in Toronto, their flight to Miami was the only flight on the departure board that was not either canceled or delayed. Looking back on everything, I must admit that God was in control.

At the airport, we were met by Darryl Chambers, OMS field director in Ecuador. Darryl spent the week with us. We worked hard, laughed a lot, and had great fellowship with the local church and amongst our group members. Jim Smith, MFM project manager who has spent many years in Ecuador, knew the culture very well. We all appreciated his leadership abilities in guiding our team.

Manta Church
A church in Manta, Ecuador, that MFM teams are rebuilding
At the church where we worked, Pastor Carmelia had a vision from God several weeks before we came. She saw a group coming from North America who would bless her church! After exploring a number of different options in her mind and ruling them all out, she felt very bewildered and perplexed. How was the church going to be blessed?  Three days before we arrived, she received a call from OMS stating a group of North Americans would be coming to help work on the church. Her faith was deeply strengthened and enriched. Pastor Carmelia, and her entire family, made us feel very welcome and appreciated. It is always an exciting experience to spend time and work together with local people.

If you are interested in going to Manta to be involved in the project to help make Manta whole again, please contact either Jim Smith  at the MFM office in Greenwood: 317-881-6752, or Kevin Willms at the MFM Western Canada office: 403-308-9524

Manta Team
The MFM Canadian-American team
There are a number of trips planned for 2018, so there is a place for you. Allow God to enrich your life and at the same time be a blessing to others.