My Life-Changing Journey… Crossroads

By Bill Evans National Director, Men for Missions U.S.A.

Bill Evans, new National Director of MFM-U.S.A.
Bill Evans, new National Director of MFM-U.S.A.
I have lived in central Indiana, “The crossroads of America,” all my life. If you have been in downtown Indianapolis, where our primary interstates intersect, you understand why it is called “the spaghetti bowl.”

There are days when the MFM-U.S. office seems like the crossroads of the world. We always have plenty to do! God has richly blessed us over the years. We continue to earnestly desire to give people the opportunity to experience a Life-Changing Journey.

On July 1, 2017, I started living at a different crossroad. After 15-1/2 years of serving as the MFM-Ministry Team Director, helping teams go overseas to serve, I moved into the role of National Director for Men for Missions U.S.A. I have asked the Lord to give me wisdom so I can lead well in what He is already doing and what He wants to do in the days to come.

I have prayed for His leading and talked with MFM and OMS coworkers. This is what I sense He is leading us to:

Help complete the Cowman International School expansion. In May, Carl & Teresa Poynter, Justin Poynter, and Nathan Wiechmann will go to Cap Haitien for 7-12 months to host teams and complete the project.

Aggressively recruit teams for the Manta, Ecuador project. We have teams scheduled this year and need people to help in the Manta region to reconstruct homes and churches. The earthquake was two years ago, and many still need a lot of help. Join us for our 2018 and 2019 teams.

The pastors and laity in Cuba desperately need more Bibles. You can share the Word by helping sponsor and distribute Bibles for just $6.00 each.

The Colombia evangelism teams have had great results as people have put their faith in Jesus. We continue to partner with Satura Colombia to send small teams to minister to the people of Colombia. Satura is now planning to take the Gospel to other Latin countries, and we want to partner with them to help more Latinos come to know their Savior.

We are now working on final details to come alongside our Haitian partners in Port-au-Prince to help complete the Portail Leogane church that was totally destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. They have worked very hard to get this strategically located OMS church to where it is today. It can be a real beacon in the downtown area. We are raising $182,000 and want teams to start in late 2018 or early 2019.

People often asked me, “Do you have any teams within the United States?” We are now in the process of bringing someone into the U.S. office who will help serve the Lord in the communities across the U.S. I am excited we will be offering men and their families’ opportunities to serve short-term within the U.S. I pray that this ministry will help grow the influence of MFM and OMS within the U.S. and give more people a chance to know and follow Jesus.

There is much going on at MFM-USA. We must have the Lord’s help to keep all these opportunities moving forward in ministry. I am very thankful for the highly qualified staff I work with in the Greenwood office and across the regions of the U.S.