Cuba Evangelism

MFM Evangelism Team to Cuba

Cuba Team Highlights

Men for Missions sent its first ever evangelism team to Cuba, November 13-20, 2018. Team members shared the following highlights from the trip.

My highlight for this Cuba trip was going out into the country and seeing a lady who took over for her husband to help support her family. She fed us a meal, and she just wept with joy. It's really special to see how our being there impacted the nationals.
—Cory Weichmann

My highlight of the trip was to watch Mike Baker be clearly led by God to talk with a couple about their faith. A person had come to their home and had talked about the Bible with them. But no one had asked if they wanted to express their faith in prayer and accept Jesus as Savior. It was exciting to be there and watch God work in that way.
—Larry Seawell

One of the most outstanding things I saw was a lady that had lost everything. A tornado destroyed her house, her church, and her pastor left. She took over even though she wasn't trained. She traveled hours by whatever means she could find to go to a church in Havana so she could learn more about God. Then she brought that message back and shared it with her friends and her community.
—John McLaughlin

The part that really touched my heart was seeing the hearts of the leaders in Cuba. For example, there is a man with a servant’s heart who takes food to the elderly who have nothing. Another servant was the man that loves to preach and teach. Those are two precious things to take home with me.
—Karine McLaughlin

MFM evangelistic team on the streets of old Havana
First MFM evangelistic team on the streets of old Havana, Cuba, after day of sharing Gospel in homes.

My most memorable part of the trip was being at the home of a group of new believers in a very remote area that are very isolated from their fellow believers. We visited their home, and I was standing outside the room. I looked at our translator, who nearly broke down when she found out that this woman was going to serve us lobster. I about broke down hearing that she was giving the absolute best that she had to give.
—Mike Baker

The most memorable part of the trip for me was going to see the printing presses that are putting out Bibles. The fact that they've printed thousands of Bibles and New Testaments this year is just overwhelming. Being a missionary kid that grew up with parents that translated two complete Bibles, I'm always excited to see the Bible coming out in print for the people.
—Dave Hohulin

The best thing for me has been to be able to serve as a missionary in another Latin American country. It's been great to be able to see that people in Cuba are ready to be evangelized. I'm grateful to Men for Missions for the opportunity to be able to be a part of this.
—Jonathan Tobon

MFM team interpreter Kristin
Kristin, the MFM team interpreter with team in a home in old Havana.

Translator for MFM Evangelism Teams

My name is Kristin Sanmiento, and I translated for the first evangelism team from Men for Missions in Cuba. Currently I live in Havana with my husband. He's Cuban and we serve in the church, and it was a privilege to translate for this team. Where we were ministering is an out-of-the way, tiny, little town in the middle of nowhere. It is pretty much insignificant for the vast majority of people. We were there because there is a very small group of believers that meet in the village. We asked our church partner about the impact this group will have on the people of Cuba. He explained that people appreciated that a group would come from so far away, leave behind their work and their families for a time, just to work alongside the believers here. The reality of a team coming to Cuba is a real demonstration of God's love.

—Kristin Sanmiento
MFM Team Translator


The Value of MFM Evangelism Teams

Cuba has the local resources to preach the Gospel. Nevertheless, the opportunity to have a Men for Missions team is incredibly motivating to them. To give tools to the Cuban people and to the local leadership empowers them to live out God's Word in Cuba and to spread the Gospel in our nation. We are working together because of the great energy that the interaction brings to Cuba. I want to multiply the model that Men for Missions uses, to create small groups of men who are able to empower other Cuban men. It is powerful when a small group of men can pray for each other, who can pray for new communities, who can go, and empower the local leaders to live out God's word in Cuba.

—Alan Quesada
MFM-Cuba National Director

MFMer John McLaughlin training people how to use the EvangeCube
MFMer John McLaughlin training people in the fishing village, hit by Hurricane Irma, how to use the EvangeCube.