GLOBAL 5-30 – MFM-Canada

By Marlowe Janke MFM-Canada National Director

"This Calls for God Room!"

Cuba evangelism
Cuba evangelism.
As we reflect on G5-30 we are humbled to know that we cannot accomplish this goal in our own strength. The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who are asked to do tasks that are more than they can comprehend or feel adequate to accomplish.

This calls for God Room! In the book Rebel With A Cause, Bob Pierce describes to a young, Franklin Graham, “God room is when you see a need and it is bigger than your human abilities to meet it. But you accept the challenge. You trust God to bring in the finances and materials to meet that need.

You get together with your staff, your prayer partners, and your supporters and you pray. But you can only raise a portion of the resources required.

Then you begin to watch God work. Before you know it, the need is met. At the same time, you understand that you didn’t do it. God did it, you (just) allowed Him room to work.”

As we look forward to the future, we know there will be challenges, but we also see the opportunities. We build on the rich history of Men for Missions. As we trust the LORD to lead and to guide us to new horizons, we anticipate God to expand our borders.

We are reminded of the prayer of an obscure Old Testament character whose complete story gets told in only two small verses. His prayer, a single, simple request that God honored.

“Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! Please be with me in all I do and keep me from all trouble and pain!” (1 Chronicles 4:9-10 NLT).

His name is Jabez. A simple name which sounds like a Hebrew word for ‘distress or pain.’

That’s it. That is all we know about this man.

Hardly anyone paid any attention to him then and today many of us have forgotten his story and the lessons we can learn from it.

First, the most prominent feature in the character of this man, who was noticed by the Holy Spirit, is that Jabez was a man of prayer. His prayer was personal, simple, sincere, and direct.

He was also a man of vision, he just didn’t see his life as it was, but he saw his life as it could be after the LORD would answer his prayer.

Thirdly, Jabez knew what his weakness was, and he was determined to ask God to turn the weakness into strength through prayer. Jabez, was a man of God.

The best was yet to come:

“And God granted him his request.”

As we work together toward G5-30, let us set our goals, make our plans, pray our prayers, and give God room. As God gives us success, let us remember that it is not about us; it is about Him and to give Him all the glory. May we see the world as God sees it.