GLOBAL 5-30 – MFM-Colombia

By Jonathon Tobon MFM-Colombia Facilitator

Men for Missions Impacting Colombia, Cuba, and Beyond

Haz, Ve, DaWe are seeing a tremendous growth in the ministry in Colombia, South America. I truly believe that Colombia is ready for missions as never before. We are ready to receive missionaries. But, we are really ready to be able to send missionaries. We have all kinds of laymen who have a plan to form Men for Missions; to bless the country, to bless other countries, and to help expand Men for Missions to be more global. MFM teams from Canada and the United States have visited Colombia. We had not planned to form short-term mission teams with Colombians. But, the people in the churches in Colombia, are ready to serve.

We have been working with thousands of people from the churches to help encourage them. These people have all kinds of difficulties and different types of work. Through visits and encouragement, we have formed Men for Missions-Colombia. We have formed groups of laymen into the same type of teams that have come from the United States and Canada. The Colombians ask for permission to be outside of their work or to leave their work. They ask for other folks to come with them from the church. The teams that have been formed as MFM-Colombia, are now visiting other communities and countries to share with them.