GLOBAL 5-30 – MFMG Cabinet Report

By Grant Zerbe MFM-US Cabinet

The MFM Global Cabinet met in Orlando, Florida, on November 7-10, 2018. The Cabinet meets every two years. The purpose of this meeting was to prayerfully review and update the Global Cabinet’s vision, mission, and policy statements in light of its core values. What a blessing to gather together in the camaraderie of Jesus Christ and His redeeming love.

Representatives from Ireland, Canada, Colombia, and the United States were present. It was exciting to hear reports of what God is doing in people’s hearts around the world.

We were pleased to have Jonathan Tobon, our new MFM representative from Colombia attend. He gave the Cabinet an exciting report about “Satura Colombia”. This evangelistic movement, led by Colombian believers, encourages men and women to use their talents and skills for God in an effort to reach their fellow countrymen and surrounding countries. With the support of 16 MFM teams, “Satura Colombia” supported 59 Christian churches and 119 short term missionaries, resulting in 4,886 decisions of faith in Jesus Christ and over 900 people attending regular discipleship classes. What a thrill to hear how God is transforming lives through “Satura”.

MFM Global Cabinet meeting
MFM Global Cabinet meeting.

Alan Russell, representing Ireland, reported on MFM in the U.K. Alan has graciously accepted the National Director’s position for the U.K. We praise the Lord for his commitment to MFM and his willingness to ‘Do, Go, and Give’ in his region.

Bill Evans, U.S. National Director, shared about U.S. teams traveling to Haiti, Colombia, Ecuador, Japan, and Houston, Texas. He also updated us on possible hurricane disaster relief needs in North Carolina and the Florida Panhandle.

Marlowe Janke, Canadian National Director, reported on Canadian MFM teams serving in Cuba, Haiti, and Colombia as well as fund-raising efforts for Bibles for Cuba. One of MFM-Canada’s main projects was relief for Hurricane Irma’s impact on Cuba. The Lord greatly blessed their efforts of raising $250,000.00 for Kingdom projects!

An exciting new goal was birthed during our time together! God gave the vision to pray for men in 30 new countries over the next 5 years to ‘Do, Go, and Give’ for God so more people may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our slogan is “G5-30”. Our Global Cabinet members have begun praying for this new goal at 5:30 each day. Won’t you join us? Whether you like a.m. or p.m. doesn’t matter, prayer is the key!

A very special highlight happened Friday night when Warren and Velma Hardig were honored for their 40+ years of service with MFM. After a lovely dinner, the cabinet members and their wives gathered to honor Warren and Velma with words of appreciation and gratitude for their faithfulness to the Lord and service to Him. On behalf of MFM, John McLaughlin presented the Hardigs with a commemorative clock. John closed in prayer thanking the Lord for their dedication to Jesus Christ, their godly example, and for God’s blessing in the next season of their lives.

PLEASE JOIN US as we celebrate Warren and Velma Hardig for their 46 years of selfless service to the Kingdom.