By Alan Russell MFM-U.K. National Director

I remember sitting around the table at the Orlando MFM Global Cabinet meeting discussing future expansion of MFM. The challenge for us was to set a target that only God could achieve, so that when it comes to fruition, we could not take the credit but to God will go the glory. Our utter reliance on God is the most exciting part of this project.

The most difficult part will be carrying the enthusiasm from the meeting into our ongoing work. It is easy for our enthusiasm to dissipate. The commitment to pray at 5:30 is a great help. As it turns out 5:30 (I went for p.m. of course) is a most inconvenient time to pray. However, the reminder stays on my phone until I bring it before the Lord and this keeps it always before me.

There are some countries in Europe where MFM-U.K. has worked or has some contact, but most have no such connection. There are fifty countries in Europe (depending on how you count it), so there are plenty of countries to reach. It seems to me the most obvious countries to expand into are those where English is most widely spoken. Accordingly, I have committed to pray for Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Malta as the four countries with the highest proportion of English speakers; of course, after U.K. and Ireland.

I have no idea how this will all come to pass, but I know someone who does. MFM-U.K. needs to pray and be open to God’s prompting. As we seek to build MFM in the U.K., we discuss, we pray, and we look for God’s hand at work. This is an exciting time to be a part of MFM, and in the U.K. we feel this as well. God will bring forward the opportunities, and we pray that He will also speak into believers hearts that more men will come forward. Already, we are seeing this start to happen.

I recognize how God has graciously used MFM to challenge me and has caused me to grow in faith and His service. He knows us better than we know ourselves. To Him I look for more men to come to faith and more men to grow in His service.