By Bill Evans MFM-U.S. National Director

Men for Missions is now in its 65th year of existence. That is amazing to me when I think about how quickly some things come and go in our world today. But the reason MFM still has vital existence is that it touches the heart of laymen and challenges them in ways that men need to be challenged. Within the United States, we’ve seen God do amazing things in the lives of many people as they have said, “Yes” to serving Him around the world through short-term missionary involvement.

In the U.S. church, men often lag behind in involvement within the life of the church. I see and hear that with much regularity. Therefore, challenging men to DO, GO and GIVE whatever God asks of them is just as necessary today as it was when MFM began in 1954.

The brand new MFM Global vision of starting the work of MFM in at least 30 new countries over the next five years fits right in with the above-mentioned challenge. Men globally need to know why God created them. When they serve with MFM they see God work in them and through them, to help transform others. For example, imagine challenging Christian men in Haiti to start MFM in their country. How would they do that? Mostly because of finances, Haitian men will find it very challenging to travel overseas to take the Gospel to other lands, but they would not be too challenged to take the Gospel to their own countrymen. They could do that through Work, Evangelism, Prayer, and Medical teams that MFM has sent over all these years. As they see the Lord work through them across their country, they will be challenged to be the very best members of their own families, communities and churches. In addition, they will build relationships with others who serve with them and those whom they serve.

How can men within the United States be involved? Some examples are:

1. Help us think of places around the world where Men for Missions could help encourage the men and their families to live out their faith according to the MFM Mission Statement.

2. Be willing to go to some of these countries to help grow the influence of MFM so their men will take up the mantle of reaching the lost and the least in their countries.

3. What marketable skills do you have that can be useful in other lands? Please consider employing them to reach out to others around the world.