Report on MFM-UK in Spain

Pena de Horeb, Spain

By Alan Russell MFM-U.K. National Director

Early on Sunday, 0ctober 7, 2018, seven men from Craigavon Council Men for Missions set off to Dublin to fly to Madrid. There, we were met by Bob Biddulph and Javi Erustes and transferred to the camp in Pena de Horeb, Spain. After lunch we walked around the camp and considered the various work projects that needed to be done. After this, we walked up to the dam to stretch our legs.

Work on main building at Pena de Horeb
Team at work on main building at Pena de Horeb.

On Monday, the work started in earnest. Over the next few days, tiling at the front of Casa Grande was lifted where water was pooling and new tiles were laid. Two rooms and the stairwell were painted. Later in the week, most of the outside was painted. Metalwork around the roof of the chapel was rubbed down and painted.

A row of conifers had been planted to hide the workshop from those looking out from the dining hall, but these had grown up and had hidden the view of the valley beyond. The conifers were reduced in height and trimmed back.

On Wednesday, a hired backhoe arrived. There had been problems with frequent leaks from the pipe that was used to bring water from the river to the tank. One of the team members was an experienced operator and a track was dug to allow a new pipe to be laid. Another track was dug to allow a back-up pipe that was lying on the ground to be buried. The backhoe was also used to backfill a trench that had been dug earlier and also to level some of the roads about the camp.

A group of seventy young people arrived late on Friday, and it was heartening to see them enjoy the facilities and a reminder to us of the purpose of the camp and our endeavors. It is to provide the setting that people, young and old, can meet with our Lord Jesus Christ, to come to know Him and to grow in faith.

MFM-U.K. team at Pena de Horeb
The MFM-U.K. team at Pena de Horeb camp in Spain.

Javi and Loli run the camp for OMS and Baptist churches in Madrid. We were very well looked after and every meal was delicious and lovingly prepared. During the week, it was wonderful to see how our relationship with Javi developed, and by the end of the week we had become both partners and friends in the work of Christ. During the week, Daniel Castro filled the invaluable role of interpreter, which ensured there were no misunderstandings.

Six of the seven men had been there before, and it was a joy to re-establish the working relationship with the camp. We thank and praise God for the opportunity to serve and the mercies He has shown us. It is hoped that, in God’s providence, another team will be able to go to the camp in the spring of 2019.