Unexpected Assurance

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

By Al Johansen


God sends His assurances to us in many unexpected ways to let us know that what we are doing is pleasing to Him at that time. Last June, I took my son, David, and my grandson, Tim, to Haiti to help work on the second floor of the Cowman School. My wife, Elinor, and I served as hosts in Haiti from 1998 through 2007, and it was our prayer that our son and grandson would someday be able to go see and do the things we helped with while there.

One morning we were working at the school and David and Tim were helping set and tie rebar prior to pouring concrete. I was working on the first level while David was working with a Haitian, Whisling, and they were conversing the best they could. David told Whisling that his son was also up on the floor working with another Haitian and his father was working downstairs. When noon came, they all came down from the second floor, and David wanted Whisling to meet me.

We were all introduced and Whisling looked at me and called another Haitian over who could speak a little more English. He asked me if I had ever been to Haiti before, and I told him of my previous times. He then asked me if I had ever given blood for a sick person. Back in 2006, while we were in Haiti, a Cowman School watchman’s son was hospitalized with a ruptured colon, and needed two units of blood to help him be able to recover. A Haitian staff person and I went to the Red Cross donor facility in Cap Haitien and donated our blood. They gave us our blood bags, we bought a piece of ice from a roadside vendor, and put them in a small ice cooler. We then drove two hours to deliver them to the hospital in Milot. As it turns out, this young boy, age nine, was the brother of Whisling, and he recognized me after twelve years. Whisling is 23 years old, so he must have been 11 years old in 2006.

Tim, Al, Whisling, and David
From left: Tim, Al, Whisling, and David.

Only God could have arranged such a meeting with Whisling working with my son, David, and for Whisling to recognize and remember seeing me twelve years later. This was God’s way of telling all of us that this was where He wanted us to be. He wanted us to be assured that what we do makes a difference in the Kingdom.