Building More than Homes in Haiti

By Albert Lubbers Canada

It was a privilege to be part of a work team to Haiti in March 2015. Our objective on this trip was to help with the continuing work at Bon Repos and the "Homes for Haiti" project. But we soon discovered we were building more than homes in Haiti.

Building an International Team.

Seven men from Ontario, Canada, went to Haiti and a few days later were joined by one person from Indiana-USA. To add a little more International flavor to our group, our team leader was from Wales, U.K., and then we were also working side by side with the local Haitians. Six of the seven Canadians were sponsored by their employer, Wellington Construction. It is quite impressive to know that they care enough for others to send a work team of their own employees to help in Haiti.

Building Lasting Relationships.

One of three new wells at Bon Repos.
One of three new wells at Bon Repos.

Every morning when we arrived at the work site, we had devotions with our Haitian brothers. Through an interpreter, we shared Scripture, discussion, and prayer with one another. What a great way to start our day together

Our time in Haiti definitely had an impact on our team members. For those on a mission trip for the first time some of the comments were: an eye opener, a good experience, a life-changing experience, and enjoyed helping others who need help. Other comments from the group were: we had a good working relationship, and we would gladly come again.

We also had the opportunity to get to know each other better while being in Haiti. We had time to look into God's Word as a group and individually and also time to have devotions with our fellow Haitian workers.

Building Sturdy Homes in Haiti.

New homes built and occupied at Bon Repos.
New homes built and occupied at Bon Repos.

Some of the tasks that we performed with the Lord's help included: hanging doors, painting, putting in ceilings, building trusses and installing them, and installing metal cladding on houses.

Team pouring concrete for Bon Repos home.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Haitians to pour a house floor and a footing. It was really great to work side-by-side with them. Our team also worked well together.

At the time we were in Haiti, 22 homes had been erected, three wells had been drilled, four toilet structures had been built, and one footing poured for the next home.

Building Outreach in Communities.

Team with Haitien workers at Bon Repos

Team with Haitien workers at Bon Repos

While on the job site, Gabriel Principal, the Haitian construction supervisor, gave us a moving testimony of some of the events in his life and how God had spared him from danger. His weapon in life is the Bible. We also had the privilege of attending the Sunday morning church service at Vengione Vital's church. He is the Haitian director

After church, we spent a short time walking near Villa ORMISO (where we stayed) to see the local community. We spent some time at a local orphanage, which left a big impact on all of us.

On our last day at the site, we handed out some food to the families living there. They were very appreciative.

What a great experience we had while in Haiti, and it had an impact on all of our group

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