Reaching Witch Doctors: The Gospel at Work in Haiti

By Kate Michel Marketing & Communications Director, Radio 4VEH/Resounding Hope

More people in Haiti use cell phones and are active on Facebook and Twitter. Yet, there is still a staggering number of people living without electricity or clean drinking water, without access to basic healthcare, education, and without access to God’s Word in a way they can understand.

A recent report (from SOCAPP) reveals that only 30 percent of Haiti’s population has access to electricity. This means around seven million people live without electricity, even in the cities. This is one more reason why we use solar radios to give people access to community news, farming advice, and God’s Word.

La Garenne in northeast Haiti is one of those places where people are living without. Yet, this is a place where the Gospel is beginning to take root. This region is our focus right now for Resounding Hope evangelism, outreach, and distribution of solar radios, as local churches there have asked for our help. It’s from this region that the following testimony comes, one where God used a local pastor, the prayers of the local church, the broadcasting from Radio 4VEH, a Resounding Hope solar radio, and a witch doctor’s interest in soccer to transform his life and the lives of those around him.

Earlier this year, God used the daily sports program on Radio 4VEH, the Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, to draw a wellknown witch doctor to Christ.

Converted witch doctor Pierre
Witch doctor Pierre tuned in to 4VEH to hear soccer results, and he heard the Gospel. Now he’s passionate about sharing Christ!

“Pierre persecuted the Gospel and us, too,” Pastor Joseph, an evangelism partner, told us. “He set up his voodoo altar right across from our church. We prayed for him. In the end he went away, but we kept praying. When he came back, he asked for a 4VEH solar radio.” Pastor Joseph had a few solar radios left after a recent outreach as part of our Resounding Hope initiative.

“Pierre only listened to the sports program because he loves soccer,” said Pastor Joseph. “But yesterday, after listening to the soccer results as usual, he forgot to turn off his radio. What he heard next was the Gospel message.

“As soon as the program ended, Pierre called me wanting to become a Christian. So, I went to his house, talked him through the way of salvation, and we burned all his voodoo things. And this witch doctor came to Christ!”

Like Saul, the persecutor of Christians, who met Jesus and became the great missionary Paul, this former witch doctor, Pierre, is now passionately urging others to choose Christ. So many people across Haiti need to hear his story.

We appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support of 4VEH as we work together in the Lord’s work to reach, teach, and serve Haitians like Pierre through media, and as we share stories like his on the air. Pierre will soon give his testimony on 4VEH’s Let the Rocks Cry Out weekly program, to encourage others, especially witch doctors, to come to Christ.

Witch doctors are very influential in Haiti. They give advice or ‘cures’ for problems like sickness, money, and relationships. So when a witch doctor turns to Jesus, he often influences many people for the Lord as they see his life transformed.

“My wife and my children are now in Christ too,” said Pierre. “A lot of people I used to serve as a witch doctor have seen the difference in my life now and have come to Christ themselves. My advice to others? Come to Jesus; he is the only way!”

Visiting pastor under mango trees
Visiting pastor talks with those gathered under mango trees at the heart of the village.

While Pierre’s life has been transformed by Jesus, other witch doctors in the area are feeling threatened by the Gospel. When our 4VEH team recently visited La Garenne for a second time, along with an MFM shortterm team from Florida, four witch doctors heard the team was coming, and left the area for the day, not wanting their influence to be affected. The Lord is at work—please pray!

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