Saturation Antioquia in Colombia

By Jim Smith

In June 2011, Men for Missions (MFM) was asked by Every Community for Christ (ECC) to partner in the Saturation Antioquia, Colombia project. The goal was to give every man, woman, boy, and girl the opportunity in the Antioquia province to hear and respond to the Gospel through the witness of the local church.

Jim Smith shares his testimony
Jim Smith (right) shares his testimony in Antioquia neighborhood.

The goal of ECC was to train 4,000 Colombian church members to start house churches, which in turn would plant second and third generation churchs, resulting in 20,000 house churches in the Antioquia area.

The goal of MFM was to prepare teams and individuals to send to Colombia for 8-10 days. The teams would participate in prayer walks, evangelism using the EvangeCube (an illustrated folding block that presents the Gospel), and partnering with church groups work with outreach programs. Recent statistics show that MFM prepared and sent out 67 individuals to participate in the project.

By Judy Evans

I went with fear and trembling as part of an evangelism team headed to Medellin, Colombia, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I prayed and asked God to please use me in leading Colombians to salvation.

Traveling to Colombia was stressful due to flight connections and delays. Sunday was our first full day in Colombia and each team member was to share in the church service. I shared from my heart and felt God’s presence.

Practice before going out to share the EvangeCube.
In the afternoon church members have time to practice before going out to share the EvangeCube.

Monday came and I was ready to begin the journey. The strategy was to go door-to-door to share the Gospel with local church members and translators. Each team consisted of one missionary, one church member, and one translator. Each morning the church member knocked on a door and introduced a missionary from North America who had come to share their testimony. We shared a brief personal testimony and presented the Gospel using the EvangeCube to those who opened their door. Then, in the afternoon the church members shared the Gospel using the EvangeCube. This is a wonderful evangelistic tool that tells the Gospel in picture form. A grand total of 440 people accepted the Lord as a result of the team’s four-day evangelistic outreach. To God be the Glory!

As we look to the future, please begin praying about your participation in joining us as part of a short-term evangelism team to Medellin, Colombia, where you can be the hands and feet of Jesus in Saturation Antioquia. There are those waiting for you to come and knock on their door to share the Good News.

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