100 Homes, Now What?

By Michael Shaferly

Michael Shaferly supervised construchion of homes built by MFM teams at the Bon Repos project near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

For many, Homes for Haiti and Bon Repos are synonymous with mission work in Haiti. For some people, this was their first mission trip. For others it was the first in a long time, and for a few, this trip was one of many. These names evoke many emotions and memories in these travelers.

The perceived chaos at the airport--Are we supposed to get in the van with this guy??? The trip across town--Where are we going? The Villa ORMISO! What an oasis! By Sunday evening we were ready for work!

Then it was long, hot, dusty truck rides to and from the job site. Do you remember the slushy cokes from the guys on the side of the road? The traffic jams? Seven hours to get home, and it rained.

Many of these things we wouldn’t put up with at home. But we were going to build a house and a church. For a week we could put up with almost anything. Then on Wednesday night things started to change. We realized God was showing us something. Our mission wasn’t really about the house at all. It was about the team members we were getting to know, making new friendships, strengthening old ones, and seeing family members in a new way. The men worked HARD, I tried to keep up, and I gave up.

Each homeowner had a different story to tell, but they all had common threads. Faith in God. Thankfulness. Sincerity. Humility.

God worked on us, and the end of the week we weren’t ready to go home! The house was finished, but the need was still great! We went home with many memories, new friends, and a yearning to be closer to God, more involved in church, in missions, and to come back!

Here we are now, August of 2017! Seven years after the first house and nearing house #100! God has been faithful! Through the years we can clearly see the evidence of His handiwork with safety on the roads, safety on the job, provision of funds from near and far, and people from all over. This kind of thing can’t be orchestrated by the hands of man.

Now what? A few more houses as funds continue to come in, but what else?

The job isn’t done yet. We believe God is leading us to be involved with the people of southern Haiti, not just the Port-au-Prince area. We have a vision to help provide spiritual leadership training, vocational training, and micro credit (See page 6). There is an ongoing need for evangelism and hurricane relief in southwest Haiti. The church downtown at Portail Leogane needs a roof. There is need for a replacement school building in Gressier.

Some of these needs will require our time, our talents, and our treasure. The need in Haiti is still great! We can still impact lives for eternity. Think back to those final nights. Sitting around the pool, sharing, laughing, and crying. God is still asking something of you. DO – GO – GIVE whatever God is asking of you.

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