A Glimpse of Heaven

By Danielle B* * Indochina is a security risk country.

Danielle B* (right) and Sherri C*.

When I was 32 years old, the Lord called me to Him. He cleansed my heart and changed my worldly desires to His spiritual desire for my life. My perspective and my purpose in this life changed to His perspective. He changed the way I saw people and their needs. God gave me a new heart and mind. Before I knew it, he gave me a heart for missions.

At that time, I reasoned, “How can I do missions with two young children and a husband?” I put it off for 12 years until I was approached with an amazing opportunity to be part of a team to go to Indochina.

From the moment the team was put together until the team landed back on U.S. soil, we were one unit, under the power of the Holy Spirit. God allowed us to see and hear things we have never seen or heard.

The team.

We walked the streets of Indochina praying in one accord.We prayed for the nation to be cleansed of idol worship, for light to be shed in the darkness of witchcraft, for hearts to be moved toward God, and for persecution to cease. We prayed for God's glory to be revealed in His creation, for businesses to prosper with God receiving the glory, and for the Lord to continue to do His work underground, yet also to bring it to the surface. Finally, we prayed for the authorities to be weakened in their powers and for God to showcase His power.

As we traveled, we were touched by the many cultures and testimonies of God's faithful ones. Although the cultures differed, they all had one thing in common, their love and devotion to God. We were moved by all they have experienced with their faith never wavering. They press on running their race and bearing their cross.

We feel like we've seen the church in Indochina, a glimpse of what heaven will look like. People of all kinds praying and praising to the same God, in different tongues but in one accord. The Lord is alive and moving in Indochina. Revival is calling and the Lord will answer.

Floating market.

The trip to Indochina has opened my eyes to what God has called me to do many years ago. To love those who are unlovable, to pray for those who pray to idols, to pray for restoration and revival. Indochina has shown me I can trust God to take me out of my comfort zone and stretch me to do things for His Kingdom, to grow not just me, but to grow His Kingdom.

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