A Transformational Journey

By Bill Evans MFM National Director-USA

From left: Kent Eller and Warren Hardig give Bill Evans a Leadership Bible for guidance as new National Director-USA.

God got hold of my heart in 1992, and He really changed my life in drastic ways. Before that I was selfish, didn't care about much of anything, even in my family situation, except for me. When God changed my life, one of the main things that I learned was that, “This is not about you. And, you need to give your life fully to Jesus, sacrifice fully to Him and live for Him.” That was a real lifechanging moment for me.

A good friend and mentor who I went to church with helped me understand a lot. Shortly after that, I got involved in missions through an OMS relationship with Alice Huff. She really got me excited and involved in missions.

My very first trip was to India in January 1998. When Alice got me involved in missions, it gave me a whole new focus and a worldwide perspective. Rather than just knowing about central Indiana and Greenwood, Indiana, it gave me a whole new world to care about. Just as God cares about an entire world.

Then in 2001, I had the opportunity to go to the One Mission Society Centennial Celebration at Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. The speaker was Bruce Wilkerson, the same guy that wrote the Prayer of Jabez. That weekend he challenged people to commit their lives to Christ and to give at least one year of service to OMS, wherever God would call them, and I responded to that call almost 16 years ago to the day. God changed my life there as well. We were on a path to raising support and coming to work at Men for Missions full time. Another amazing God-story is that He raised my support in 90 days, which is unheard of, but God did it, even on the heels of the September 11th tragedy.

So God has changed my life and continues to show me things in the Men for Missions office that transformed me in my heart and in my mind. I've had the opportunity to work with people from all over the United States going on short term trips.

Every story is different as people go out to the mission field and as we help them to prepare for that great life-changing journey. They come home, and they tell us their stories, and they write them for ACTION magazine. We see how God touches people's lives in totally different ways in each and every circumstance.

That impacts us as well because we start to see that what we do here in this office helps to change lives. Of course, God changes the lives, but we're a part of that journey as well. It is a great privilege to be here over 15 years and get to help people travel out of the country to serve the Lord. I can't imagine doing anything else.

It's been a great transformational journey for me, and it has impacted my family. My children have all gone on mission trips, and my wife and I go from time to time together. Missions, Men for Missions, and One Mission Society have changed my life. It definitely has been a life-changing journey.

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