I Looked to the Mountains

By Jonah Wilson

Jonah in Colombia meeting strangers, making friends.Before getting out of the plane in Medellin, Colombia, I could see the mountains rising all around. This was a stark difference from Central Illinois. However, it was a perfect example of Romans 1:20, which shows God’s eternal power from what has been made. Not only was there a breathtaking view every way I turned to look, but the mountains also became the areas where our evangelism team spread the Gospel. This was an unforgettable experience.

I have always been a churchgoer, and I have traveled outside of the United States to serve God. However, this trip was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have read about missions work, but this was the first time that I felt I had a clear idea of what it means to make the Gospel known among all the nations.
The view in Medellin, mountains in all directions.
I was amazed at how God worked in so many people. Each morning, I started my day with prayer and God’s Word. I felt as if God could use me to do anything. As I looked out onto the mountains; pondered the people in the streets who had already accepted Christ and the others who had yet to hear of His name; and all the work we had seen the Holy Spirit do in bringing people to God, it motivated me to work even harder for His glory.

As I reflect upon the trip, I am amazed at what I experienced. Many people accepted Christ! This alone is spectacular, but what went into the process of being able to share the Gospel with someone in Colombia. Each American needed fellow believers in order to have any success. It is incredible that I could travel thousands of miles away from my home, meet strangers who speak a different language, and begin working with them the same day to share the Gospel. On the surface, this can seem to be an unwise plan, but it was exactly what God used to make His name known. The translators, Colombians, and facilitators were fantastic. I could feel the love they had for us, and it was evident that this was only possible because, “By one Spirit we were all baptized into one body,” (1 Corinthians 12:13).

Later, as I flew over the Colombian mountains and rested my eyes on them for the last time, I knew I would never forget the view. More importantly, I will never forget the way that God moved in the lives of many people. I am encouraged to be even bolder about my faith, and not let this experience stay in Colombia. I may not see mountains on a daily basis, but I can still preach and live the Gospel the way that we did in Colombia, and I pray that I honor God as I attempt to do this at all times.

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