Men for Missions Global

By Bill Anderson Chairman of the Board of OMS Global

John McLaughlin, President of MFMI Cabinet (left), interviews newly appointed Chairman of OMS Global Board, Bill Anderson.
John McLaughlin, President of MFMI Cabinet (left), interviews newly appointed Chairman of OMS Global Board, Bill Anderson.

What will be the impact of OMS Global?

The impact of OMS Global will be more souls coming to Christ through new opportunities. OMS International worked within a restricted group and used a limited number of people and did a great job reaching the lost across the world. OMS Global will look to reach more partners and more associate segments to achieve the vision Bob Fetherlin, OMS President, presented to the Board of Trustees that one billion people will be given the opportunity to hear the Gospel in ten years. I believe the Lord will take and move this project forward with great opportunities to see how the people of OMS, other agencies, and organizations can join together to reach that one billion people in ten years.

In the next few months, OMS Global will be discovering, researching, developing, and working together. We will need to go through the transition period of the change from OMS International into OMSUSA, but also into OMS Global. The first few months will focus on coming together, praying together, and finding out how to work together rather than seeing dramatic changes in the early life of OMS Global. From there we will move forward, develop, change, and bring in new organizations, new people, and new groups who are willing to share with OMS in the future of reaching one billion people. There are certain issues that we need to deal with such as how to deal with partners, how we deal with signatories, and how do we deal with associates. There are also new roles that are going to be created for people working with OMS Global.

With OMS Global, we hope that the OMS International affiliate countries: Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States will come together as the signatories, but we will not be restricted to those six countries. We seek to have people from Cuba, Colombia, Southeast Asia, and all over the world join in with the ethos of OMS Global to create a combination of resources that will reach more people and tell them the good news of the Gospel.

Greater opportunities for MFM Global

The OMS Board of Trustees has also formed Men for Mission Global, which is a great opportunity for laymen to have an impact on the one billion vision. For men and women who have felt the call of God upon their lives to go on a short-term mission trip, they will take this mission forward. There are not enough missionaries to reach one billion people. Men for Missions and the utilization of laymen is a key part of moving forward.

Men for Missions Global will give people the opportunity to operate in areas where there is no OMS Global involvement by working in partnership with like-minded people and organizations who accept and understand the ethos of OMS Global. Those partners will still have their individual identity but will work together with OMS and Men for Missions Global to mobilize more people. Men and women from countries not involved in any mission work can have the opportunity to come in partnership with OMS. They have a passion, desire, and the heart to be involved. OMS and Men for Missions Global will give opportunities to the people who are already being prepared. God will prepare people to take this project forward to greater things.

The opportunities for Men for Missions Global will increase, and they will multiply. Men and women will help reach one billion people for Christ through this great opportunity. These are exciting days. I've been involved in OMS since 1978, and never been more excited than right now.

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