Walls Came Tumbling Down in Jericó

By Doug and Cindy Tankersley MFM Staff

One of two large Catholic churches that sandwich the small Christian church that we served.

The short-term evangelism team traveled three hours outside of Medellin to Jericó, Colombia, birthplace of the first Colombian Saint, Laura Montoya. The team was apprehensive to do door-to-door evangelism in an area that had become renowned for their religious tourism. However, nestled in between two stunning Catholic temples is the Center of Faith and Hope Christian church, which gave them encouragement.

Pastor Anibal and several leaders from Center of Faith and Hope had completed Saturation Colombia training-level 1, and were ready to put it to practice. Pastor Anibal said, “As a church plant from Medellin, we have been praying for two years that God would open doors in this community.”

After many obstacles, we set out in our teams of three: North American, translator, and local church member. The people of Jericó were very curious and hungry to know about Jesus. A simple testimony of how God worked in our lives opened the door, but a hungry soul kept the door open to hear the Good News of Jesus. More than 200 people heard the Gospel of Jesus and 158 responded to the Gospel with a profession of faith to trust Jesus as their only Savior. The touristic, religious walls of Jericó came tumbling before our very eyes.

As we celebrated and rejoiced, local church members shared how God had conquered their fear of rejection. The North Americans and translators confessed their disbelief that God penetrated through the steep religious traditions and customs. God had opened doors and touched hearts. We need to be obedient to knock on the door, share what He has done in our lives, and acknowledge He is the one to touch the heart, save a soul, and transform a life.

Town plaza where one of the team members evangelized.

As we walked to the bus, another woman asked me what we were doing. I explained that we had been in her town to share about Jesus, and we were leaving. She pleaded with me to teach her about Jesus before I left. People are waiting to hear about the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

Missional mindsets are evolving. Laymen are no longer assuming that it’s only the pastor’s responsibility to share about Jesus. The local church is beginning to understand that they must take Jesus outside the church doors. Missionaries are learning that they don’t have all the answers and programs, but they need to come alongside our brothers and sister in Christ to encourage and support the call that God has put on their lives.

Saturation Colombia is a national partner of One Mission Society. They serve 35 denominations throughout Colombia, training churches in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. Men for Missions evangelism teams are one tool that Saturation Colombia utilizes to train and equip Colombians to obey the command of the Great Commission.

Saturation Colombia is multiplying rapidly in response to the ripe harvest field throughout Colombia and Latin America beginning programs in Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. As evangelism teams come, we pray that their spark for the lost has been flamed, and they return home with a fire to reach those in their own country.

As Warren Hardig, International Executive Director of Men for Missions says, “It’s an exciting time to be involved in missions!”

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