A Legacy Rooted in a Promise

By Warren Hardig Executive Director, Men for Missions Global

Harry Burr and Howard Young
Harry Burr (left) passed away in 2012 and Howard Young in 2018. Their legacy lives on in MFM.
Men for Missions founder Dwight Ferguson called often on a successful insurance agent in Michigan. He always left the Bible open to Psalms 2:8 on Harry Burr’s coffee table, with a note, “Why don’t you?” Dwight was relentless in pursuit of this articulate businessman’s skills for the Kingdom.

Finally, Harry Burr joined the ranks of MFM as Executive Secretary. Harry began traveling the world of OMS with his wife, Eleanor. After seeing the work, Burr began taking teams of laymen, called witness crusades, to visit these countries.

In January 1969, Harry observed another salesman on one of his crusades in Haiti. The lock salesman, Howard Young, was challenged by his brother-in-law, Gene Bertolet, to join him and Harry on a Haiti crusade. Howard was reluctant, but Gene told him, “If you don’t think the trip was worth it, I’ll personally refund your money.” Two hours in Haiti at a packed, dimly-lit, and sweltering evening church service in Port-au-Prince, Howard leaned toward Gene and said, “I won’t be wanting the money back.”

Howard, an Army veteran, had seen other countries. But like Howard, a life-changing journey to Haiti was also my first exposure to a foreign culture where I witnessed firsthand the Holy Spirit unbound by cultural, racial, or linguistic barriers.

Howard Young was ready to be recruited by Harry to join him on the MFM staff. Harry gave Howard the responsibilities of the United States while Harry focused on the rest of the world. Harry felt sure that Howard could handle the challenge, and handle it he did.

Howard was a magnetic people person, drawing people to Christ and involvement with MFM and OMS to fulfill the Great Commission. Howard had a keen sense of talent ripe for God’s service, recruiting, and often personally training many to serve with MFM and OMS. I know because I was one of Howard’s recruits.

Howard had a vision and passion to see MFM begin and maintain at least 100 MFM councils across the U.S. and Canada. God enabled us to see over 130 councils in the U.S.

In 1973, Howard and the Holy Spirit convinced me to be a part of the team. Today Men for Mission Global is still recruiting men to Do, Go, and Give whatever God asks in total obedience to Him.

MFM’s legecy is rooted in a promise, “Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.” (Psalms 2:8 NASB)

Why don’t you?
Howard Young in Haiti
Howard Young in Haiti during his final visit in 2004 shares a personal witness with a young woman eager to hear the message of hope and ready to respond.
Dwight Ferguson
Dr. Dwight Ferguson, founder of MFMI, passed on to his eternal reward in 1990.

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