Ask Me About My Journey

For MFMers the journey is the destination, and the discovery of personal purpose and fulfillment. Iowa businessman, John McLaughlin, interviewed MFMers about their life-changing journeys.

Duane Eberly

Duane Eberly

My name is Duane Eberly. I live in Manning, Iowa, and I'm a family therapist.

I went to Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, in 1999 and 2000, once with my mother who is a nurse. I did manual work and she worked in the medical clinic, and then she stayed a week after I left.

It's really humbling to experience the culture of people born in Haiti. We went to a church one Sunday and sat on board seats supported by cement blocks, a single light bulb shining down on us. We were by an outhouse, next to a sewer. And yet, the singing was just amazing. I can hear it yet today. They had a prayer service every day. About 5 o'clock, people came to the church just to pray and be thankful for what they do have.

The Haiti experience has made me realize my responsibility. Much has been given to me, and so much is expected of me. I'm privileged, and I have an awesome responsibility.

Todd Heck

Todd Heck

My name is Todd Heck. I am a farmer from Coon Rapids, Iowa. I've been on a couple of mission trips to build homes in Haiti. And I've also been to Latvia in my younger years. I have seen what impact the Gospel can have on people when they take it to heart.

Short-term missions has opened my eyes to other cultures and the need around the world to hear the Gospel.

My first trip to Haiti, I painted, helped put in ceiling panels, and put on roof panels. I also helped lift roof trusses and get them secured. I shared my testimony and Scripture during our group devotional time at the work site. At the time, I did not feel like what I said was hitting home, but that day a fellow came forward and wanted to accept the Christ. I realized you don't have to have an earth shattering testimony to connect with people.

Paul Chance

Paul Chance

I was a police officer for 33 years and now serve as a Regional Director with Men for Missions.

I did not think the Lord wanted me on the mission field. However, when I heard a group from church share about experiences in Nicaragua, I knew that I must go and tell also. My wife said, “Me too.” When we went, the Lord changed our lives and started our mission experience.

I told a good friend, “The Lord's calling me into missions, and how do I know?”

He said, “Paul, keep doing the last thing the Lord told you until He tells you to do something different.” We served in Ecuador for a year.

Law enforcement taught me to communicate with people, and let the Lord take care of the peace with His hedge of protection around us. It is a wonderful opportunity to encourage other men after what He did for my heart when I went on my first trip.

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