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By Cody Huffman

In August, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, and deposited over four feet of water in three days. I was in India on a short-term mission trip, and my family was at home moving furniture from the first floor of our house to the second floor and watching the water rise! I talked with them every day, but the reports painted a grim picture of a struggle that seemed more and more hopeless by the hour. During one of the phone calls, I reassured my wife that God was in control!

At breakfast, our mission team informed our Indian partners about Hurricane Harvey and what it was doing to Houston. After breakfast, my Indian brothers came to my hotel room and said, “Brother Cody, we want to pray with you.” They came into the room and prayed that the rain would stop, that the hurricane would dissipate, that the devastation would cease, and that the waters would recede. I've never heard more powerful prayers in my life! Later that day, I called my wife, and she was overjoyed because, while there was plenty of destruction, the rain had stopped and the water was receding. Praise God!

My flight home had been canceled due to the flooding. I was actually able to get a flight that left earlier than my original one, and I arrived at the originally scheduled time. Shortly after returning home, I received a phone call from Bill Evans (U.S.A. National Director of Men for Missions). MFM wanted to send teams to the Houston area to help with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey, but at that time we were not prepared to receive recovery teams.

As recovery efforts continued, a group of over 20 churches and organizations came together under the umbrella of Hope Disaster Recovery to help in the recovery from hurricane Harvey. Hope Disaster Recovery is a ministry that helps to coordinate the volunteer efforts of many partner organizations for disaster relief and long-term recovery efforts. Hope Disaster Recovery focuses on equipping fellow Texans in disaster case-management, restoration of homes, and the spiritual care of families affected by a disaster.

Keith Smith (MFM-US Ministry Team Director) came to Houston to assess facilities, organizations, logistics, and gain understanding of the scope of work in the Houston area. We drove around Houston to see the extent of the damage, and we heard homeowner stories that would make you stand in awe of their resolve to rebuild. We met with churches that would provide housing for teams. Also, we met with leadership from Hope Disaster Recovery to discuss the opportunity of Men for Missions bringing short-term teams to Houston to come alongside the recovery work.

Now is the time for Men for Missions to begin sending short term teams to Houston. Perhaps God is calling you to help Men for Missions be the hands and feet of Christ for those still suffering all these months later.

Hurricane Harvey team
Team at work cleaning up after Hurricane Harvey.

MFM-US Eyes Homeland Disaster Relief Teams

By Bill Evans National Director, Men for Missions United States

In the most recent edition of ACTION Magazine, I wrote that we were trying to bring someone onto the MFM-U.S. staff who could take on the mantle of managing short-term opportunities and teams within the United States. Josh Krumenacher has been accepted for ministry with OMS and now diligently working to raise the necessary support he needs for this position.

In the meantime, we are moving forward with a great opportunity for short-term teams to go to the greater Houston area to help residents get their homes restored. The organization we are partnering with is Hope Disaster Recovery. Our teams can be housed in any of 22 partner churches in the area who are part of this Hope network. We are looking for both skilled and semi-skilled workers. We could use drywall hangers, drywall finishers, plumbers, electricians, and general workers. We estimate the cost of a one week stay in Houston to be $400 per person. This does NOT include airfare or ground transportation in Houston and could change slightly depending on the number of people actually on the team.

It is the desire of both Men for Missions and Hope Disaster Recovery that these teams be ambassadors for Jesus Christ in both word and deed. We desperately want people in Houston to see and hear about the Savior we serve.

We are putting together teams for September and November 2018. Please call or write soon to secure your place on one of our trips. Write us at: or call 317-881-6752.

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