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Walking in the Master’s Footsteps

By Steve Nickels

Steve Nickels
Steve Nickels.
It was a blessing to go to Israel. On the flight there, I watched my daughter in the row in front of me talk with a Holocaust survivor and make friends with her. She helped her the whole trip, and I thought how blessed I am to have a daughter that loves others, like God loves us.

We met Moshe at the airport in Tel Aviv, and our journey began in a fast-forward motion. He explained the different sights and gave us the Scriptures to make the experience come alive! I saw the things that I had read about all my life and put them in perspective, which was awesome. We walked all over Jerusalem, prayed at the Wailing Wall, and visited the Temple Mount. At the Garden of Gethsemane, Moshe told the story of the Master in the garden praying until his sweat became as great drops of blood. My heart broke to think of the love and the suffering that my Lord had for me!

At Caiaphas’ house, we saw where our Lord was tried by the religious people. I could imagine Peter sitting and watching them abuse our Lord and deny that he ever knew him. I could not help thinking of the times I failed the Lord in my own life. I just wanted to fall on my face and thank Him for His love and mercy! As we walked the road to the cross, I thought of the suffering that He took for me. We went to the tomb, and I thought of the women that wanted to anoint His body and how sad it is to leave a loved one at the grave. I knew the tomb was empty, but I went inside to see where they laid Him. I could imagine the angels saying, “He is not here but has risen as He said!”

We were baptized in the Jordan, went to Nazareth, and many other places that Jesus walked. We imagined the Master praying on the mountain. Some of the most precious moments were on the Sea of Galilee where disciples toilied in the storm and He came to their rescue!

On top of Mount Carmel, Moshe told the story of Elijah and the events that took place with the 450 prophets of Baal. We could imagine how Elijah ran to the south and hid in the cave from Jezebel. God asked him what he was doing there. I thought of the many times we get off track and God helps us get back. As we looked down on the Jezreel Valley, I thought of the final battle to be fought and the day of the Lord!

We attended worship services with Moshe’s congregation. There is a great need to pray and support the work that others may come to believe in Jesus. Many in Israel need to be told that the Messiah has come and is their hope.

Following Jesus’ Steps Throughout Jerusalem

By Alvy Slone, Jr.

Bagel Shop
Bagel shop in Jerusalem.
I went to Israel to see all the places I have read about for many years. I also had a longing to meet the believers in Israel and experience their daily lives in the Holy Land. I learned how to prayer walk in deep intercession for the needs of the believers in Israel and how to pray for all the non-believing people that live in Israel. Please pray for all the believers in Israel because great persecution is still prevalent today.

I followed the Master’s steps throughout Jerusalem on the path to his crucifixion. I went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus sweat great drops of blood. I went to the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was beaten, and I walked the Via Dolorosa where He carried the cross. As I walked these steps, I was completely broken down. I thought seeing the tomb of Jesus would be the most emotional thing for me, but when I went into the tomb all I could do was smile and praise Him. I kept looking at the open door from inside the tomb. Jesus wasn't suffering anymore, and he wasn't in the tomb anymore. I was happy and I have been changed forever because of what Jesus did for me and what I experienced as I walked his steps in Jerusalem.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

By Iva Humphries

Israel Team
Israel team: Alvey Slone, Jr., Steve Nickels, and Iva Humphries.
I was blessed to go to Israel for second time with Men for Missions. The first trip was about God’s obedience and stepping out of my comfort zone. I had never been outside the country or gone on a mission trip. I learned so much about prayer and it’s true power while in Israel.

The most recent trip opened my eyes to the people and their needs. The believers there can feel isolated. Their relationship with Yeshua Hamashiach can cost them relationships with others. They are still learning how to share their belief. Spending time with the missionaries and the congregation was my favorite part of the trip. The congregation is made up of all types of people from literally all over the world. How beautiful! Jesus may be called different names in different languages but His love brings togetherness, not division.

After both trips I feel that I can be an ambassador for the believers in Israel. Many organizations raise money to meet physical needs for people in Israel, but not much is done to provide spiritual food through the Gospel and that is what is needed the most.

I hope to help members in my church build relationships with the congregations in Israel and help believers there. I hope to be able to take groups from my church to Israel in the future.

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