My Journey Home to Haiti

By Jose Feezel

Jose Feezel
Jose back home in Haiti.
My name is Jose, and I was born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. At a very young age, I was placed in an orphanage in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, where I lived until 2012. That’s when, at the age of 11, I was adopted and moved to Ada, Oklahoma, with my parents Mike and Tina Feezel.

I had not been back to my home country since being adopted until December 2017, when my family and I traveled back for a visit. It was good to be back in the country I love and see faces I had not seen in years. I didn’t think anything could top that experience until this past March, when I went on the Men for Missions trip to Cap-Haitien with my home church, H2O Church. Every year my youth group takes a spring break ski trip, but it got canceled and to be honest I was a little upset because I love to ski. So, my parents signed me up to join the mission trip with my church, and thank goodness they did because it was a trip I will never forget!

Haiti team
Members of our team included Tyson Brown, Winston Brown, Wyatt Brown, Boadie Anderson, Noble Anderson, John Anderson, Grace Anderson, Phillip Fuller, Kale Fuller, Kamryn Choate, Carly Weems, Miranda Check, and Jose Feezel.
I was able to see parts of the country that I had never seen while growing up there. I was also very excited to talk to Haitians and tell them about Christ and how He had changed my life. We did two days of evangelism in local villages. On the first day, I was teamed up with one of my dad’s friends whom I knew very well. I was able to watch and learn as he talked to people about Jesus Christ. On the second day, it was my turn to evangelize people, and I was very nervous, but then I quickly discovered how interested they were to hear what I had to say once they found out I was Haitian. The first question many asked was what nationality I was. Once they found out I was Haitian their trepidation seemed to vanish away. It gave me an ability to connect with them on a personal level where others couldn’t. Almost immediately there was a trust built that what I was telling them about Christ was true. After I discovered this personal connection I had with my fellow Haitians, I started helping each day at the English As A Second Language classes that were being taught onsite at the OMS compound where we were staying.

Haiti VBS
The team with VBS in Haiti.
Again, I was surprised and excited to see how God had given me a special gift of speaking to my fellow Haitians about Christ because of the trust I was able to gain just from being from their country. My church takes two trips a year with OMS and Men for Missions in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and I hope to make at least one of those each year, so I can continue to minister to my people.

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