“No Excuses!”

By Andrew Johnson

This past March I boarded the plane to Bogota, Colombia, with eight others from my church. We went with the express purpose of sharing the truth of the Gospel with people who desperately needed to hear it. We partnered with local churches, we knocked on doors, we shared our testimonies, we spoke through translators, and we told people that Jesus can save them from their sins.

Our team was not made up of professional theologians, missionaries, or even gifted evangelists. This team was made up of a bunch of average, ordinary people. We had two farmers, a truck driver, a chef, a firefighter, one college student, and two teenagers. Maybe it was a step up from a rag-tag group of fishermen and tax collectors, but not much. Ours was just a group of people who knew Jesus, loved Jesus, and who wanted to honor Jesus with their lives. And God used us. He used us to impact people for eternity. God used our imperfect speech and our rehearsed testimonies and our limited Bible knowledge… and He drew people into His kingdom.

Most of our group had gone on mission trips before, yet several had never shared the Gospel before. Most had swung hammers, but few had prayed with someone to receive Jesus as their savior. By the end of the week, we knew our testimonies, knew how to talk about Jesus with strangers, and knew the Gospel. But more importantly, at the end of the week we knew Jesus. We had seen Him at work, we had seen His light shine in the darkness, we had seen His mercy. And, as a result, our faith was strengthened.

Andrew Johnson in Colombia
Andrew Johnson shares the Gospel on a busy street in Bogata, Colombia.
Those who have taken part on this trip in the past have learned that evangelism is not something to be feared, but it is something to be embraced and obeyed. Christians need to be doing what they are commissioned to do. Far too often we sit back and offer a ‘thank you’ to God for sending people into the mission field, but then we refuse to go ourselves. We offer up our excuses to God: “I’m not called” or “I can’t speak” or “My gifting lies elsewhere.” But God doesn’t give us an out, He gives us a command. As followers of Christ, we need to go out and evangelize. We can’t make excuses. We need to go out and make disciples.

And so, what does this mean for you? It means that you, too, can take part in this ministry. It means that you, too, can share the Gospel. It means that you, too, can have your faith strengthened. It means that you, too, can receive the blessings that God will give to those who faithfully follow Him.
Colombia Evangelism Team
The team in Colombia, from left: Josiah Brown, Nolan Johnson, Butch Filber, Andrew Johnson, Joe Toillion, Cory Weichmann, Mike McCartney, Lynn Holechek, and Sarah Weichmann

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