“Words can’t describe this day”

By Sarah Shaferly

Resounding Hope Radios / Haiti

Our day’s outreach just before Christmas began in the back of a truck, riding on bumpy roads made worse by recent rains. It took hours to arrive at the rural church in Birel, from which we would go to share the Gospel and distribute Resounding Hope solar radios. The truck got stuck in mud and we walked the rest of the way. Little did we know, this day would become the highlight of our week long mission trip.

How did you see God working through the church in Birel?
As we walked, we heard the familiar tune “Amazing Grace” coming from the church that was overflowing with people. After singing, the congregation began to pray out loud, their voices filling the air. Our translator said they had heard that we were coming, and they had been praying for our safety and that people would accept Christ because of our message. The pastor said something that I will never forget: “You are a reminder that God has not forgotten us.”

4VEH team
Elderly man, the only believer in his family, said the 4VEH solar radio was the best Christmas gift ever.
Who were some of the people you met while evangelizing?
We met with an 87-year-old nearly blind man who was a Christian. We prayed for him and his family members, who were not saved. We handed him a radio, and with a toothless smile, he said it was the greatest Christmas gift ever.

In another house, we talked to a couple experiencing marital problems because he attended church and she refused to. My husband and I shared our personal marital struggles and triumphs. After we talked, she surrendered her life to Christ, hugged her husband and said she loved him.

How did other members of  your team help evangelize?
At one house, a woman kept making excuses about why she couldn’t go to church. I asked her if she died right now, where she would go. She said that nobody knows where they would go. But Samuel, my 14-year old son, said in a firm voice, “I know where I would go. Because of Jesus Christ, I will go to heaven. You say you don’t know where you will go, but you do know – you are just scared to say it.”

As soon as Samuel finished, the woman dropped to her knees and accepted Christ. She told us that if a child could understand Christ and accept Him, then she knew there was truth to what we were saying.

Haiti church
The church prayed for hours before we joined them, for our safe travels and for the people we would be talking to.
What happened after you finished evangelizing?
We discovered that the congregation had stayed at the church and prayed the entire time. I saw that a group of people had followed us to the church. I was moved to tears as I looked around and saw so many people rejoicing for our new brothers and sisters in Christ.

We opened up a container of sandwiches and began to pass them out to the large crowd that had followed us. We had enough sandwiches for every single person – not one more or one less.

I was reminded how much God truly loves us. Not only did we share food with people physically, but we fed them with radios that will continue to do the job of feeding them spiritually. And all of us – in the group that evangelized and those at the Birel church – had an important role to play in that mission.

Radio-TV 4VEH / Haiti

4VEH studio
Radio 4VEH summer morning show presenters at work in broadcasting booth. Emcie, Newton, and Rolex.
Impacting Young Haitians for Christ
With most of Haiti’s population under the age of 30, 4VEH is intentional about ministering to young people through the year, and especially during the summer months, through focused, high-energy, strong-spiritual content programming. We hope young people will connect with 4VEH and stay with us as they grow up and have their own families, sticking with 4VEH as their daily connection to spiritual truth and encouragement that is compelling and Christ-centered. Please pray for long-term impact in young people’s lives, for God’s glory.

Reaching Haitians via YouTube & Facebook
We’ve seen a huge increase in views on 4VEH’s YouTube channel, particularly of the JESUS Film, with videos on our channel being watched nearly 1,000,000 times, by Haitians living in the U.S.A., Dominican Republic, Chile, Haiti, and Brazil, among others.

“I give my life into your hands, Lord!”––Mary commented after watching the JESUS Film in Creole on 4VEH YouTube Channel.

In 2017, 4VEH began Facebook Live broadcasts, which has led to greater interaction with Haitians living in Brazil, Chile, France, U.S.A., Canada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and beyond. Please pray for these new ministry tools.

Make An Eternal Difference with Your Donation Today
A gift of $50 US/Canada/Australia; £30 in the UK) will sponsor one hour of ministry. To donate to 4VEH broadcasting, please mark your gift “4VEH Broadcasting #469960-18G903.”

A gift of $60 (US/Canada/Australia; £40 in the UK) will sponsor a Resounding Hope solar radio for a Haitian family. To donate to Resounding Hope Solar Radios, please mark your gift “Resounding Hope #407870-18G904.”

Please make your donation payable to OMS and mail to the office in your country. Thank you!

Contact Kate Michel at kmichel@radio4veh.org for more information.

Praise Note: Complete Audio Bible Now Included in Solar Radios
Each Resounding Hope radio given into someone’s hands in Haiti is a powerful tool in a spiritual battle, helping fuel the impact of the Gospel in their lives, families, and communities. Initially containing portions of the Bible in audio format, our Resounding Hope radios now include the whole Bible in Haitian Creole, recorded by 4VEH Station director, Storly Michel.

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