God at Work in Cuba

Cuba Evangelism

By Josh Krumenacher MFM-US Ministry Team Specialist

The MFM team sent to Cuba had an amazing week of ministry with many decisions to follow Christ. The local church has already made follow-up meetings with everyone we spoke to about church services and discipleship opportunities. We trained alongside five pastors from different denominations and worked as a unified team. We had very successful evangelism training, and the local churches will continue the work.

Our team shared our testimonies with one pastor, his wife, and eight year old daughter. After the Gospel was shared, the daughter, Ana, began crying and asked if she could receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Her dad and mom locked eyes and began crying tears of joy. They led her in prayer, and we all rejoiced together.

Josh sharing
MFMer Josh Krumenacher along with interpreter and local church members sharing the Gospel with an elderly couple.
Cuba team
MFMer’s Doug Tankersley, Josh Krumenacher, and Larry Seawell sharing the Gospel with a family and neighbors in rural Camaguey.
One morning, I was stopped on the street and asked if I was a Christian. The lady asked us to come to her home to pray for her sister. We obliged and walked a few blocks to an unknown location. We simply trusted God and went where He led. Upon arriving at the home, the sister was loudly moaning and groaning. She was heartbroken and inconsolable because some close family members had moved away, and she hadn’t seen them in six months. We laid hands on her and prayed for her. She quieted down and settled down for a nap. The lady who stopped me on the street permitted us to share the Gospel. She chose to put her faith in Christ.
We shared testimonies with a group of carpenters. When it came time to share the Gospel message, one man became very upset and yelled, “There is no God!” and laid out his reasons why he thought so. He walked toward the exit and then returned angrily to say more. I told him I once thought as he did, but then time in the Bible taught me to think otherwise. We remembered Proverbs 15:1, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” His face softened and so did his heart. We were able to leave him with a Bible and some evangelism material. He was excited to search for the truth of God.

Doug and Dominican friend
MFMer Doug Tankersley doing training alongside our new friend from the Dominican Republic.
We met a man from the Dominican Republic. He spoke English very well and shared that he was 13 years old when a group of Canadian missionaries served in his area. He was recruited to help them for over a month. Unable to communicate with them, he became very frustrated and burdened. Determined to learn English, he acquired some old English workbooks with cassette tapes. At that time, Radio 4VEH played a Bible program at 7pm in Spanish and 10 pm in English. These two resources and hard work helped him to learn to speak English. He now wants to begin Men for Missions in the Dominican Republic.

Group prayer
Group prayer on first day of evangelism in Camaguey, Cuba.
Andrew and Paul
MFMers Andrew Johnson and Paul Chance facilitating training with the EvangeCube.
We saw the hand of God at work in the lives of the people. From a young child making a salvation decision, praying over a distraught woman, dealing with an angry skeptic, and seeing people impacted by OMS ministries in other countries. As our group ministered in Cuba, we had a variety of amazing experiences.

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