“I plan to return”

Kochi, Japan

By Isaac Morse

On May 10, 2019, my father and I, along with three other gentlemen, began a missionary journey to Japan to help in constructing a church building. This awesome experience began with God gathering and leading five men, some complete strangers to each other, to serve in the building of a meeting place for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our goal was straight forward, but in reality, there were many hurdles. We were strangers to the place, the people, and the food. God had brought us there and was willing to keep us safe and fruitful in our labors.

Kochi church team
MFM team members and members of the local church after completing work for the day.
Despite the jet lag, language barriers, and every other road bump we encountered, we were well supplied with what we needed to communicate and work with this Japanese congregation. During this trip, we were able to work on the church project, share the Gospel and our testimonies, and hear about more ways we can serve and pray for the church in Japan. Anything that we did was only possible because of God’s provision.

God was with us in Japan as we faced the language barrier. We had a human translator when with the congregation, but almost everywhere else we relied on our phones and an electronic pocket translator purchased at the beginning of the trip. By using technology to translate, we were able to share with, encourage, and be encouraged by the congregation. We were able to hear church members’ testimonies, and even share our own. Our translations were not always perfect or even close at times, but, by God’s grace, we understood a majority of what was said. Though not always fun to work with, we learned that broken English and broken Japanese, were enough to talk about the Gospel.

We were asked to pray for someone to come to Japan and help teach the community, around the church, English as a second language. I was able to speak with the pastor about the opportunity and, if it is the Lord’s will, I plan to return to help teach early next year. This would be a three-month trip that would give the church and me a great opportunity to share the Gospel with the people in that area. I am excited about this opportunity, and I will be, with God’s help, raising support and getting a more detailed plan together as the trip draws nearer.

We arrived home on May 26th having done our best to build the church. We realize finishing the building will only happen with God’s help. As the rainy season begins in Japan, the church will need our prayers. Please join us as we pray for God to get all glory as this church in Japan serves him.

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