My First Trip to Haiti

By Addison Heubner

I went on my first trip to Haiti in July. Everyone in my family had been on a mission trip with my dad (MFM Regional Representative Bill Heubner). Two of my sisters have been to Haiti and both of them said that they loved the experience. We had been trying to find a time for me to go to Haiti, but every time we were going to schedule a trip something would come up or the trip wouldn’t fit into our schedule.

Addison with radio
Addison Heubner explains the operation of a Radio 4VEH solar powered radio.
We had been talking about scheduling a trip for the summer of 2019, but we were not sure what we would be doing. Someone called my dad saying that he and his daughter would love to take a trip to Haiti. Because we had people interested in going on a trip, we decided to schedule the trip. In the end, we ended up with a total of thirteen people on our team.

On our trip to Haiti, we did two days of VBS and evangelism in the neighborhood with members of the local church helping us. We also did two days of solar powered radio distribution with Radio 4VEH. While doing radio distribution, our group decided to talk to a lady at one of the houses on the road. We began to talk to her and explained that we were there to tell people about Jesus. We asked her if she knew who Jesus was and if she had a personal relationship with Him. She told us what she knew about Jesus and she did go to one of the local churches in a nearby village, but she did not have a personal relationship with the Lord.

Ashley and Jennifer at an orphanage
Ashley Phillips and Jennifer Brown coloring with children at an orphanage in Haiti.
Sam, one of the members from our group, decided to share a little bit more about Jesus with the lady. He used a picture diagram that had been given to us by the Radio 4VEH trainer to use in discussing a person’s faith journey. The papers showed three pictures of a room, a chair and a representation of man and Jesus. One picture showed Jesus outside the room and the person sitting on the chair, another showed the person sitting on the chair with Jesus in the room, and the third picture showed Jesus sitting on the chair and the person in the room. The concept was to explain how we could have a life without Jesus, a life where we knew Jesus, but He wasn’t central to our life, or we could place Jesus in a place of leadership in our life. As Sam shared the paper, the lady listened intently. When Sam had finished sharing, she immediately said that she would like to have a personal relationship with Christ like the one we were describing.

We made sure that she understood what it would mean if she accepted Christ. After that, one of the other group members prayed with her. It was amazing to see how God was present in this lady’s life, but she was changed when she finally chose a personal relationship with Christ.


   This country. These people.
   Despite the poverty, there is so much wealth in the hearts and minds of those that call Haiti home.
   Despite the difficulty of day-to-day life, there is so much strength and resilience to be recognized.
   Despite the less than ideal living conditions for some, there is beauty to be seen in the smallest of details.
   Despite the spiritual darkness that affects the lives of so many, there is so much light in the eyes, smiles, and faces of those who reside here.
   Despite the outer appearance of sheer desperation, there is so much hope resounding in those who continue to pursue their dreams.
   I pray that you see the beauty of this place and the beauty of these people.
   —Ashley Phillips

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