That One Day in Colombia


By Warren Hardig MFM Global Ambassador

March 17, 2017, I started my day in Colombia, South America, with an interpreter and a local person from a church in Bogotá. Before we ever got to our designated area, I met a young mother and her daughter. The little girl wanted to let me know that her mother was expecting a baby, and she was going to get a little brother or sister. I gave the little girl the EvangeCube in my hand, and she started playing with it. I shared with them the plan of salvation and about how Christ had made a difference in my life. She and the little girl both prayed right there on the street before we ever started to work.

We went on down the street to our assigned area, and I met a young man on the street corner wearing a leather jacket. I struck up a conversation with him, shared the Gospel, and he prayed to receive the Lord.

My interpreter asked me, “You realized that fellow's a drug dealer, didn't you?” And I said, “No, I didn't.” And she replied, “You see the other two guys on bikes out in the streets watching us? Well, they are selling drugs.”

Warren in Colombia
Warren in Colombia
Warren sharing personal witness and the EvangeCube that one day in Colombia.
In the afternoon, we knocked at a house and a lady answered the door. She was standing back in the shadows, and she was a little self-conscious. Most of her hair had fallen out and she said, “I have lung cancer because I smoke.” I asked her if she was ready for where the cancer could lead. I told her how God forgave me of my sins and how he delivered me from smoking. She genuinely repented of her sins while inviting Christ into her life. My interpreter and I were both crying. I gave her a Bible because she did not have one.

We walked 100 yards, and I ran into two teenage girls wearing school uniforms of quilted plaid skirts and white blouses. I thought, “What does an old guy like me have to say to these two young girls?” I told them, “I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and never went to church. I was afraid to get old and I was afraid to die.” One young lady said, “I also am afraid to get old and die.” I shared the plan of salvation and both of those young ladies prayed to receive Christ. They went away happy and full of joy.

We prayed with many other people that day. These types of days are hard to put into words, but they're hard to get out of your memory because you see the Gospel making a difference. Right now, the door is open. People are hungry for the Gospel. And so my great desire is to see more people go and share their story. My desire is to see more people on these kinds of journeys.

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