Prayer Intercession

Men for Missions utilizes three types of prayer intercessors in our Prayer.

  • Tactical Intercessors are part of a Men for Missions Team that may be deployed in spiritually hostile places on One Mission Society fields.
  • Strategic Intercessors intercede for missionaries and workers serving in spiritually hostile places on One Mission Society fields.
  • Embedded Intercessors are part of a work or evangelism team to intercede as they serve on an One Mission Society field and relay critical information to Strategic Intercessors.

Tactical Intercession

Prayer Initiative - Haiti

The dictionary defines tactical as the science of maneuvering military gain an end. A retired general commenting on military operations described tactical warfare as the deployment of assets within a theater of operation. Translation: the use of tactics and resources available to an army on a battlefield to win a victory there. Reports from the frontlines are not the same as face-to-face combat with an enemy. Only those on the battlefield truly know first-hand the terror of war and the thrill of routing the enemy.

Tactical Intercession occurs in the very place where the battle is happening. Missionaries and national workers are in a battle zone. Their intercession is by definition tactical. Tactical Intercessors can go and stand with them. For years Men for Missions Prayer Teams have been at work in One Mission Society countries. Now a major thrust of Men for Missions is to send Intercessory Tactical Teams to our more difficult theaters of operation.

Strategic Intercession

"Prayer warfare is real. It is costly. It is waged on earth, but it is also in an even greater sense waged in the heavenlies. In truest reality, you fight not for victory but from the position of victory. And yet the war continues. Christ routs Satan invisibly by our prayer warfare, in the face of visible hostility and opposition that Satan motivates." Dr.Wesley L. Duewel
Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Zondervan

One armchair general described strategic warfare as the science and art of managing and deploying military assets from outside the theater of operation which directly impact what happens on the battlefield. Examples include long-range bombers, artillery, and missiles. Modern warfare dramatically illustrates the value of softening up an entrenched enemy with strategic weaponry. Strategic Intercessors may be thousands of miles from the battlefields where intense spiritual warfare rages. But they will be no less effective than Tactical Intercessors if they give themselves wholeheartedly to the task. A biblical model for Men for Missions approach to Tactical and Strategic Intercession is found in Exodus, chapter 17. Moses (the Strategic Intercessor) was on the mountain interceding for Joshua (the Tactical Intercessor). And there were Support Intercessors that came alongside Moses, thus forming an alliance of intercession that God used to empower Joshua and defeat the Amalekites. Who really won that battle? It was indeed a team effort involving both tactical and strategic involvement.

A team of Strategic Intercessors can be an Men for Missions Council, a church, a home prayer group, or a family. All that's needed is reliable intelligence (information about the battlefield situation) and zeal to fight and destroy enemy strongholds there. Why not get involved today in Strategic Intercession? The internet savvy in your group can bring fresh intelligence to the table. Missionary prayer letters and publications can add to current data. Seasoned intercessors can sift out the spiritual warfare significance behind the reports. Together you can go to battle as Strategic Intercessors. Only eternity will reveal the damage inflicted on the enemy, battles won and prisoners freed by Strategic Intercessors a world away from the frontline.

Embedded Intercession

Tactical Intercession is to designate or embed an intercessor on each Men for Missions Work and Witness Team. An Embedded Intercessor intercedes for the team while deployed and also relays real-time intelligence and reports, when possible, to Strategic Intercessors – perhaps thousands of miles away.

Men for Missions' Mission of Intercession

Prayer Initiative

Men for Missions is moving forward with Tactical and Strategic Intercession.We need Tactical Teams, Embedded Intercessors, and Strategic Intercessors. Will you join us? Are you ready for a new dimension of doing, going, and giving? You'll find it in Men for Missions, Mission of Intercession. This mission is not for the faint-hearted or for the weakspirited. If you are regularly in God's Word, in abiding fellowship with Christ, and walking with Him in obedience, this adventure could be the next exciting step with Him. Register your interest below as a Tactical, Strategic, or Embedded Intercessor. And register your active prayer group as Strategic Intercessors. Dr.Wesley Duewel's book, Mighty Prevailing Prayer, and Men For Mission's A Laymen's Guide for Spiritual Warfare are available to help prepare you for a Mission of Intercession. Contact Charlotte Kroes at Men For Missions Canada, 1-800-784-7077 or by e-mail at

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