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ACTION Magazine is published three times annually by Men for Missions, a ministry of One Mission Society.

ACTION Magazine includes updates from One Mission Society fields, mission trip reports, and general news.

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Summer 2020

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Sep-Dec 2014
  • MFM 60th Anniversary Celebration - Ordinary Men on Extraordinary Journeys
  • Haiti: Radio 4VEH, Resounding Hope Team, Homes For Haiti, Steve Bertolet Testimony
  • Colombia: Witness Teams, Sports Ministry
May-Aug 2014
  • 4VEH Towers - Then and Now, Bon Repos Project
  • Colombia Evangelism Team
  • The Korean Connection
  • Israel Prayer Team
  • Testimonies - Brad Boozer, Archie Porter, Vladimir Kobelev
Jan-Apr 2014
  • Haiti - Work Teams, 4VEH update, H4H Bon Repos project
  • Colombia - Evangelism Teams
  • Costa Rica - Pan American Highway adventure trip
  • MFM 60th Anniversary / OMS International Conference
Sep-Dec 2013
  • Testimonies - Bill Heubner, Stanley Tam, Bill Anderson, Vladimir Kobelev
  • Venezuela - OMS Partner Theological School
  • Trinidad - Field Hockey Team
  • Colombia - Evangelism Teams
  • Haiti - Resounding Hope Teams
  • Mexico - Construction Team
May-Aug 2013
  • The Inertia of Evil
  • Haiti: Radio 4VEH Update, Resounding Hope Team, Homes For Haiti, Construction, Evangelism, Medical Teams
  • Kenya: Prayer Safari
  • Russia: Moscow Seminary
Jan-Apr 2013
  • What Does it Take to Be A Real Man? The test is found in his integrity and character
  • Prayer Teams: Caribbean, Kenya
  • Caribbean Saturation: Sponsor a Pan American Highway driver
  • Where is God's Mission Field? Do you um... think that God put us together at this time, for this?"
  • Haiti: 4VEH Resounding Hope Solar Radios, Medical Team, Homes For Haiti Teams
  • Tribute: Chuck Merrill
Sep-Dec 2012
  • Prayer Teams: Israel, Japan
  • Caribbean Saturation and Invitation to Drive the Pan American Highway
  • Ecuador: Perryton VBS Team, Medical Missions - Then and Now
  • Haiti: 4VEH Resounding Hope Solar Radios, Homes For Haiti
  • Ukraine English Camp
  • Tributes: Harry Burr, J. Eldon Turnidge, Bill Malcom, John Schultz
May-Aug 2012
  • Testimonies - Brad Boozer, Anton Glass
  • Work Teams - Colombia, Haiti
  • Gibson City Bible Church - Konstruction Kids
  • The Jesus Film in the African Bush
Jan-Apr 2012
  • Testimony - Maury Graham
  • Work Teams - Haiti, Ecuador, Japan
  • Evangelism & Prayer Teams - Colombia, Ecuador
  • Resounding Hope - 4VEH
Sep-Dec 2011
  • MFM Prayer Initiatives - Ireland & Israel
  • Knee family in Haiti - Nathan's journal
  • Breakthrough in Hokota - rebuilding and healing in Japan
  • Introducing Robin Sloss - new MFM-UK National Director
May-Aug 2011
  • Kindness in Action - "The virtue that makes a man attractive is God's loving kindness shining through his choices and actions..."
  • Teams in Medellin, Colombia - construction projects, computer upgrades, prison visits, worship services
  • Testimonies of new MFM staffers - Steve Rehner, Doug Tankersley, Brent Morrell
Jan-Apr 2011
  • Medical Mission to Ecuador - "... you can expect things like this to happen anytime you go forward to share the Good News of Christ to people in need."
  • The next time someone dumps on you, just remember
    "The Law of the Garbage Truck."
  • Haiti - Homes for Haiti provides new homes
    - Resounding Hope provides new solar radios
Sep-Dec 2010
  • A Bridge to Literacy - Training pastors in Burundi to teach reading, writing and math to parents and teens that have no chance of attending school.
  • From KGB Agent to God's Ambassador - Testimony of Sasha Tsutserov
  • The Great Physician in Haiti - The last words you want to hear ... there's been an accident.
Summer 2010
  • A group of Purdue Christian Campus House affiliated students, employees and a New Nurse ventured out to Haiti.
  • Haiti Recreated - The recovery efforts are underway in Haiti. Yet, efforts to fix Haiti are impeded by not only the magnitude of the quakes but also the magnitude of the pre-existing problems.
  • Why I went to Haiti - Kevin Verett joyfully talks about how the Lord has transformed him and his experiences as to why he went to Haiti.
Spring 2010
  • Impact of the Men for Missions Prayer Initiative in Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, Spain, and Uruguay
  • The earthquake in Haiti has helped bring many Haitians to Christ
  • Gary Dinas is remembered by the Japanese for his many deeds of kindness on his short-term trips to Japan
Summer 2009
  • A Mountain View in Mexico
  • Into the Heart of Colombia
  • Reflections of Pure Joy in Haiti
  • How God Led Me to Haiti
Spring 2009
  • Miracles in Ecuador
  • Why an Action Group member went to Japan on a short-term trip
  • Teen View of Haiti
Fall 2009
  • Mozambique - The Windows of Opportunity
  • Ecuador - How a university medical team saw 30 people come to Christ in ten days
  • Ireland - Men for Mission prayer team
  • Haiti - Why a ministry team left a piece of their hearts in Haiti

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