At one point in history, a passionate man of God noticed a lack of men involved in Christian missions.

He took missions beyond the clergy and into the hearts of everyday men. Short mission trips began to change the lives of these men and their families as their relationship with the Lord grew. In turn, these men changed lives by sharing the hope of Christ with people around the world. Years later, Men for Missions is equipping a new generation of men to find the zeal and strength which comes from a heart for the work of God. Learn More »

I will DO whatever God asks me to do.
I will GO wherever God asks me to go.
I will GIVE whatever God asks me to give.

Life Changing Stories

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My very first trip to the mission field was to Haiti with MFM in 1973. It made a very definite change in my life. I began to see and understand more how to pray for the missionaries, and I wanted to be more involved.

Ron Janes - IL - United States
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