The Ferguson Foundation

Since 1991 The Ferguson Foundation Has Helped Support the Work of Men for Missions

Dr. Dwight Ferguson

The Ferguson Foundation emerged when Dr. Dwight Ferguson, the Founder of Men for Missions, went to be with the Lord in 1990. Dwight realized that only laymen have sufficient numbers to spread the Gospel into all corners of the earth. He inspired thousands of men to give of themselves in obedience to the Great Commission. Men for Missions has grown larger and more effective over the past decades. In recent years, our growth has been phenomenal.


Due to our growth, Men for Missions is currently financially challenged. The Ferguson Foundation is an endowment fund created in 1991 to sustain the work of Men for Missions by subsidizing operating costs and support requirements of the Men for Missions staff. The top priority of Men for Missions is the Lordship of Jesus Christ in each person's life at home and around the world. We continue to look to the Lord for his supply as we challenge men to Do, Go, and Give whatever God asks. As our strategic initiatives grow, we are challenged to increase the amount of money invested using the interest to cover large portions of our ministry expenses.


Authorized and governed by the One Mission Society, Inc. International Board of Trustees. A committee appointed by the U.S. Men for Missions Cabinet and led by a Certified Public Accountant appropriates the interest among Men for Missions evangelism ministries. Accountant's specialty is auditing and he is a partner in a major global accounting firm. The Foundation will give Men for Missions the capability of operating its life-changing ministries as God directs and helps Men for Missions work with One Mission Society International to reach the nations for Christ.

Men for Missions counts on your prayers in this challenge. It is our desire to always keep the Lord before us that we might be obedient to His calling. Would you like your gifts to the Lord to work perpetually?

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