Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Men for Missions for men only?

A: Men for Missions is challenging men and women to Do, Go and Give of their God-given talents. We are not about exclusion of women, rather about inclusion of men.

Q: How soon can I leave for a mission trip?

A: You will need to have two things in order to leave for a mission:

Ministry Application Form - We need to have your complete Ministry Application in our office about 45 day before departure. We suggest that you start your application as soon as possible. This will ensure smooth process and make your missions travel experience enjoyable and less stressful.

For teams departing from the United States, please go on to Ministry Application - U.S. for the application form.

Visa Application - For destinations that require entry visas, we request that applications for visas are submitted no later than 30 days prior to departure date. For more information about obtaining a visa, visit

Q: Where will the money I donate be spent?

A: Men for Missions is a part of One Mission Society and therefore governed by the Board of Trustees. The use of funds is transparent and you can always request a receipt for your donation and a report on its use. In fact, we encourage you to keep us accountable. Men for Missions, as well as One Mission Society is a Charter Member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accounabiliy.

One Mission Society ECFA Page

Generally all contributions are tax-deductible and receipted. Most contributions are designated. In an unlikely event of overfunding, funds may be used for other projects.

Q: Are my trip expenses tax deductible?

A: It is sometimes confusing to sift through IRS regulations.

Expenses NOT receipted for tax purposes in the U.S.

  • Vision Trips - for example, a trip to attend a seminary graduation, special celebration, or visit a new outreach country.

Expenses receipted for tax purposes in the U.S

  • Work Teams
  • Medical Teams
  • Ministry Teams
  • Intercessory Prayer Teams

For Canada originating trips please contact Canadian offices for details.

Funds Ownership

Funds donated to One Mission Society for the purposes of Men for Missions may or may not be a charitable contribution, depending on the nature and purpose of the trip. However, One Mission Society will provide an appropriate acknowledgment that funds have been received.

All funds become the property of One Mission Society according to regulations governing tax receipted funds of not-for-profit organizations.

More info on the United States IRS web site.

Q: Does Men for Missions provide funding?

A: While Men for Missions prepares and sends short-term mission teams, we do not cover the cost for participants. Ministry Team participants pay their own way or raise the necessary support, as do all Men for Missions staff and volunteers.

Costs for which participants are responsible include international and domestic travel, in-country living and transportation expenses, insurance, orientation, and departure fees.

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