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Bill & Jackie Feb 24 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
Can you believe this is the last week of February? Additionally, Wednesday is the beginning of Lent… already! I am asking God to really help me to give up myself this Lenten season. I know some give up chocolate, or pop, or something else. I feel as though I want to truly die to self intentionally this season.

I have been thinking about various ways you all are so important within this ministry God has called Jackie and I to, and here's a story to really celebrate our Gospel partnership. This is a team that went to Bogota, Colombia February 15-22.

Last Saturday (February 15) a team left for Bogota, Colombia to do evangelism in four different areas, in and around Bogota.

Sunday they worshiped with our Colombian friends and enjoyed a restful day as they prepared for their busy week.

Monday the team of 11 Americans went out with translators and local church members to share Jesus door-to-door. The teams of three (American + translator + church member) worked in the late morning and early afternoon and the Lord brought in a harvest of 75 people who prayed to give their lives to Jesus.

Tuesday the same team went to a different location, and with different church members. The team again went door-to-door but also were accepted into a local school. They broke into separate groups to speak to various school classes as they all shared their testimony and invited the children to allow Jesus to be Lord of their lives. They didn’t count the numbers but estimate that over 200 children said YES to Jesus.

Wednesday they went to a third location (Cajica, Colombia) and worked with that church. They reported that 97 people made life-changing decisions to follow Jesus.

Then, Thursday (2/20) they went to one last location for this trip and shared the Good News. They report that 89 people prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts.

May the Lord now help these local churches to incorporate and disciple these new believers. This is the kind of great things God is doing because of your partnership and His abundant favor.

Again, Jackie and I say… THANK YOU!

May the Lord bless you all with a great week! Thank you for your trust in us, and your faithfulness to us. We stand in awe of what God is doing in the lives of those who call on Him, all over the world.

Bill & Jackie

Bill Evans, National Director
Men for Missions United States

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