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Bill & Jackie Mar 23 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
I certainly pray your family is well and enjoying God's favor. As far as I know, we are all well. It is interesting though that I seem to pay more attention now to what my body may be telling me. Have you asked yourself anytime recently: Is this a Covid 19 symptom?

Speaking of health and prayer - Would you please pray for my good friend Dave who is struggling with his health right now? He has been sick more than six days now and isn't showing improvement. Pray for he and his family as they wander through this valley. May the Lord show His goodness, and be exalted through healing Dave.

We don't have any teams traveling now, or anytime soon, obviously. But, this is a perfect time for us to accomplish some things we can't normally get to, plus we want to plan our steps as we all come out of this crisis. Please pray for us as we plan our steps for those days.

I think most of you know that I work part-time at a local Lowe's. I have been amazed recently at the number of customers we've had. I guess a lot of honey-do lists are being completed in these days of quarantine... maybe?

One more prayer request - our middle son, Matt, was laid off at Gannett Publishing last week. He is now looking for employment. Can you imagine searching for employment in these times? May the Lord truly be his guide and help! Please pray with us for Matt, Marquita, London and Griffin. Matt's training is in Graphic Design and Web Design.

In closing, I've been wondering what God wants to accomplish through all of this. May His glorious name be most highly exalted in all the earth! In Psalm 46:10, the King James version says, "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth." May it truly be so!!!

Bill & Jackie

Bill Evans, National Director
Men for Missions United States

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