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Bill & Jackie Apr 27 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
Nearly May... wow! April has been a funny month. In some ways it has crept by like a sloth. Yet, in other ways, I can't believe it's already late April.

I hear much on the news and other places about coping with the stresses of being home with your spouse all this time, but frankly, I've never had better days with Jackie than under this quarantine. I don't want to diminish those that do struggle in this area, but I would attempt to be an encouragement to us all. We can have great relationships and the blessing far outweighs the efforts.

At MFM we are still meeting via Zoom each week to pray for and encourage one another. It is essential for us to meet together and maintain our bonds of friendship and prayer.

Our pastor had a phenomenal message yesterday titled, The Hour Is Coming. While it might seem like a "doomsday" message, it was not! Pastor Steve shared a great message, filled with the hope of Jesus. At one point Jackie and I turned to each other and started singing, People Get Ready (Jesus is Coming), by Crystal Lewis.

Then, I listened to a friend from Illinois who challenged and encouraged me from Philippians 4:1-7. His catchy title was Anxiety, The Gift That Keeps Giving. I praise the Lord that worry and anxiety do not have a hold on me. But one thing that my friend (and God) challenged me with comes from two words in the middle of verse 6, "with thanksgiving." While I am very thankful for all God is, and all He has done for me... I am not very consistent at always expressing my thankfulness to Him. A new challenge for me!

This isn't very exciting to anyone except me, probably, but I have been remodeling my garage. I had some old metal shelves that just weren't adequate for all the "treasures" I've accumulated over the years, so I removed them and built new shelves. The garage will be much better when I'm done... hopefully today. And you will be happy to know that Jackie and I have purged a good bit to make things better. We are also working on sanding and painting our kitchen cabinets.

May your week be filled with the abundant favor of God! May His name be lifted up in your life so others will see Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Joyfully serving with you!

Bill & Jackie

Bill Evans, National Director
Men for Missions United States

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