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Doug & Cindy March Update
Peoria, IL, United States
G.5.30 map
Since November 2019, we have been asking God to direct us to the nations and relationships that could help us share about MFM. It's been exciting to see all the connections and opportunities that we have been given as we move forward to expand Men For Missions globally. Thank you for your prayers during this time of seeking God's vision for MFM.

The map indicates each country that has a potential future in forming or receiving a Men for Missions type ministry. Please continue to pray for all the staff that are building relationships in each of these countries.

Doug continues to build relationships throughout Latin America. You can read updates on specific countries below. Unfortunately, he has been forced to cancel his planned April trips to Peru and Canada due to lack of space for stamps in his passport. He must take a page in order to expedite a new passport. Please pray that this passport situation will be resolved quickly and will not be the cause of further cancellations. Please pray that this will not effect his religious visas to Cuba that will be tied to his current passport.

Nicaragua trip

Thank you for praying for Doug’s recent MFM vision trip to Nicaragua. While in Nicaragua we had the opportunity to meet with local missionaries Joel and his family, where he showed us his ministries which included their bible institute, community outreach, and one of the houses that they were building. We also met with a separate El Salvadorian family that is serving as missionaries in Nicaragua, who is very excited about potential evangelism possibilities.

El Salvador trip
El Salvador

In El Salvador, Doug had the opportunity to obtain a real and clear understanding of El Salvadorians that are deported from the USA back to El Salvador. For many, the USA is the only home they have ever know since age 4, and they are put out into the streets to try to survive on their own. Doug and the local team had the opportunity to feed some of the homeless at night, as well as visit some of the local ministries that have been formed to provide the (mostly English speaking) deportees with options to get off the streets. This includes providing some with a church, housing, meals, showers, jobs, auto repair training, and activities such as flag football and full-contact football since that is what they are familiar with from life in the USA, not soccer.

Northwoods Community Church group
Northwoods Community Church

God has provided a wonderful ministry opportunity for Cindy to utilize her love for children, gifts and talents as well as provide financially to our support account. As of July 2019, our monthly insurance premiums increased to over $1,100 and were rapidly depleting our support account. Due to this decrease, we felt it was necessary to limit some of Cindy's overseas travel expenses. It was also during this time that she started to volunteer on Sunday mornings in the children's program at church as a small group leader and story teller. Several weeks ago, Northwoods reached out to Cindy and offered her a full-time position as Upper Elementary Associate for the children's program. As a result of prayer and fasting, we recognize that this is an answer to several prayers, so she accepted their offer and began serving on February 25th. This position is a perfect match for her in so many ways. It also comes with an insurance benefit to eliminate the $1,100 monthly premium. God is always up to something good! Please pray for her as she continues on this new journey while continuing to serve with Men For MIssions.

Thank you for your faithfulness to stand in the gaps for us with your prayer support. We are so grateful for each one of you.


Doug & Cindy

Doug and Cindy Tankersley
Latin America Regional Directors
Men For Missions United States

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