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Allen - Updates via Doug & Cindy
Peoria, IL, United States
Mar 23 - As cases of the virus begin to appear on the island, Allen is asking for prayer warriors to intercede on their behalf. The people there are now being advised to stay in their houses, much like we are. However most of the people do not have a way to stock up on food in order to spend several days without leaving their houses. As a result of this, Allen shared that his team was going to begin distributing food to help as much as possible and as long as possible. He also said they were beginning to produce their own chlorine to distribute, so that families would at least have some type of disinfect to use.

Will you please join me in praying for Allen:
• For his MFM team and church members, as they try to be the hands and feet of Jesus by demonstrating His love to others.
• That they would have access to the food and supplies that they need to distribute to others and for themselves.
• For their protection against this virus.
• That the people would have adequate supplies of food and medical resources.
• That the virus would be contained to a minimum on the island.

Apr 1 - Praise the Lord - Allen just confirmed that MFM team member Joel has a throat infection but does not have the Corona virus. His symptoms are very similar to the virus. So, thank you-thank you, for lifting Joel up to the Lord. He and the others are grateful for your prayers.

Cuba Team
Allen said that they have been out donating food to the local churches to share within their communities, and he asked for us to be praying for the Lord to protect the volunteers of the churches that are out sharing their food with the neighbors. They are doing this because of food shortages and their food is rationed and they can spend hours in lines to buy food. Many of the people are very old and are more likely to contract the virus in crowded spaces.

So, will you please join me in praying for the Lord to protect those volunteers that are out sharing food with those in need?

Thank you so much, and we are praying for all of you too.


Doug & Cindy

Doug and Cindy Tankersley
Latin America Regional Directors
Men For Missions United States

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