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Kent Mar 20 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
Well it has been a very interesting week for us all to say the least… We’re experiencing things that we have never dealt with before around our world. Here at MFM it has been crazy working on getting teams home early, and canceling teams we have going over the next few months. In our Bible study the other day, we were discussing the providence of God, and a great quote from it was, “You never hear God say—Hmm didn’t see that one coming.” I’m so thankful that, even in these uncertain times that we serve a God that is in control and we can totally put our trust in Him.

Cuba Team
Just a quick update from one of our teams that had to cancel going to Cuba this week. As you know we have started MFM Cuba, and when Doug Tankersley let Allen who is our director know we needed to cancel he said no problem. I will see if we can get the MFM Cuba guys to go and help with what you were going to do.

Cuba Team
So they went, and passed out Bibles, did some construction work, took lots of supplies, and came alongside the church and community. It is so exciting to see how God used them to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That is what Global 5-30 is about, giving men in other countries the opportunity to use their talents and testimony to reach people for Christ. They are always encouraged when our teams come alongside them, but is great to see them taking the lead reaching out to their own folks.

Cuba Team
Be safe, have a great weekend, and thank you so much for your prayers!!


Kent Eller, Executive Director
Men for Missions Global

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