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Kent Jun 20 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
It has been a good week to be in ministry with MFM. This is the first official week back in the office here at headquarters. We’ve been working from home, but was good to be with folks here at the office.

We had the U.S. Cabinet meetings the first time by zoom meeting. It was good to be with the men on the cabinet, even if it was on a zoom call. We have seen many answers to prayer for our ministry, as well as health issues some have been dealing with.

We have been working on Action magazine, I love the theme, “God still writes miracles.” Many times we miss the miracles that God does each day because of busyness, but when we stop to watch and hear, we see God moving in mighty ways. It should be ready to go to press sometime next week.

Please pray for G5-30. We have some amazing MFM folks working around the world to reach folks for Christ through “Word and Deed.” Pray for new partnerships, and opportunities to start an MFM type ministry in new countries.

Have a great weekend,


Kent Eller, Executive Director
Men for Missions Global

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