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Marlowe's Musings: Jan-Apr
Calgary, AB, Canada
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

If asked to name the leaders of the early church, most of us would list Peter, Paul, and John. But in Romans 16, Paul lists 40 people of diverse backgrounds - men, women, slaves, Jews and Gentiles - all of whom contributed to the life of the church in many ways. It's clear that Paul held these people in high regard. He describes them as “outstanding among the apostles” (Rom. 16:7). Many of us feel we are too ordinary to be leaders in the church. But we each have gifts that can be used to serve and help others.

Paul makes special mention of a little known man, Onesiphorus (2 Timothy 1:16-18), who traveled from Ephesus, searched for Paul in Rome, helped and ministered to him. Paul also tells us that even though some of his friends deserted him, Onesiphorus was not ashamed to visit and support him in prison. Onesiphorus was a personal friend of Paul and was a great blessing to him.

There are also unsung heroes involved in Men for Missions around the world who are willing to be used of God by saying: “I will do anything God wants me to do, I will go anywhere Gods asks me go, I will give anything God asks me to give.” Let it be said of me and you that we were Ordinary men and women doing Extraordinary things for others with the Lord's help.

Dr. Rodney at Clinic
Dr. Rodney Baptiste Returns to Canada (April 6 - 29 2020)

Dr. Rodney has been director of the Bethesda Medical clinic in Vaudreuil, Cap Haitian Haiti for 12 years. Dr. Rodney came from a poor family and grew up in Vaudreuil. He went to medical school in the Dominican Republic and then returned back to Haiti to serve his people. In 1963, One Mission Society opened the Clinic with the vision to offer quality, convenient and affordable healthcare to Haitian communities living near Vaudreuil, a suburb of Cap Haitian, in northern Haiti.

The present clinic was developed through the efforts of Men for Missions in 1965, and completed in 1968. It is a non-profit medical clinic that exists to evangelize and disciple through medical outreach. The clinic is open 24/7. Each day at 8:00 am, the day begins with the staff meeting for devotions and prayer led by Dr. Rodney while all of the patients meet with a Haitian pastor to learn more about becoming a better Christian.

Bethesda has been recognized as the best medical clinic in northern Haiti. They can see up to 150 people a day, not including those dropping in for the various clinics such as HIV, TB, immunizations and children’s malnutrition program. The clinic also has a maternity ward. The clinic has a staff of 45 people including Dr. Rodney and 2 other doctors. Mobile clinics are something that are very dear to Dr. Rodney and his goal is to have at least 4 clinics per year.

Dr. Rodney
If you would like an opportunity to meet Dr. Rodney and hear of the basic health care needs in Haiti and what God is doing in his beloved country of Haiti, he will be in the areas of Edmonton, Calgary, Didsbury, AB and Vancouver, BC April 6 – 29, 2020. For specific details on locations, dates and time please call the Men for Missions office (519-323-2471 or 1-800-784-7077) or Marlowe Janke (403-618-1888). We would love to see you.

Donations (If you wish to make a donations see instructions at the end of this update.)
#70550 - Donations to this project go toward building a New Bethesda Medical Clinic.
#70031 – Donations to this project go toward medications and medical supplies for the Clinic.

Upcoming Events

Men for Missions Canada will be represented at various Events across Canada. If you live in or are visiting in the areas of any of these events, please drop by to say hello. We would love to see you and share more about what MFM is doing in Canada and around the world.

Men in the Mission Field – A seminar by MFM National Director Marlowe Janke along with Howard Pike (ISI organizer)

Mission Vision
• Mission Vision (Fort St. John, BC) – March 6 - 7, 2020
North Peace Mennonite Brethren Church

Iron Sharpens Iron Conference

• Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference
Coquitlam, BC – April 4, 2020
Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship Church

Millar College

Golf Tournament

Please plan to join us as we partner with Millar College of the Bible for their upcoming Golf Tournament June 1, 2020, at Elmwood Golf Club in Swift Current. Corporate Sponsorship opportunities available. Join a team, register a team, sponsor the event. Please visit their website for all the details >>

Meetings and Conferences

• Canadian Cabinet Meetings – Tisdale, SK - April 20 - 21, 2020
• Global Cabinet Meetings – Calgary, AB - June 30 - July 2, 2020

Short term mission trips

• COLOMBIA November 1 – 11, 2020 – Construction and evangelism (watch for upcoming details)
• HAITI March 19- 31, 2020 – Construction/evangelism

Please email Charlotte at if you are interested in being part of these upcoming trips. If you wish to call, phone 1-519-323-2471.

Are you looking for an area that you can Do, Go or Give? Check out the list of short term mission opportunities enclosed in the Action Magazine, or click here >>

Call (519-323-2471) or email ( for more information or an application, or click here >>

Prayer sunset

We thank the Lord for His many blessings He gives to us; one of them is you! Thank you for praying for Men for Missions teams and cabinet members.

• Please continue to pray for Cabinet member Danmar for his heath and healing also pray for his wife Jessica and their children in Halifax, NS
• Please pray for Marlowe, Kevin and Marlin as they travel to the various mission events through April 2020.
• Pray for Dr. Rodney, Bethesda medical clinic in Haiti as he makes plans to come to Alberta and BC, April 6-29, 2020.
• Please pray for upcoming Men for Missions Canada Cabinet meetings in Tisdale, SK April 20 – 21, 2020. Pray for safe travels, wisdom, guidance and direction so that they may honor God in their service through Men for Missions.


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Bethesda Clinic, Haiti Bethesda Land/Construction #70550 - donations to this project go toward building a New Bethesda Medical Clinic.
Bethesda Medical Clinic #70031- donations to this project go toward medications and medical supplies for the Clinic

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Marlowe Janke, National Director
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