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MFM Liberia Dec 15 Update
Monrovia, Liberia
Men For Missions Liberia (MFM), today, had its First In-Country Meeting after the approval by the 22 participating Churches for the establishment of MFM Liberia.

Today's MFM Meeting updated attendee Churches on strides we have made and new activities we've embarked to get the Network organized, such as crafting the by-laws and constitution, opening  a Banking Account at preferably Ecobank Liberia, office set up with internet connectivity and a lot more being carried out as matters of urgency. Eight (8) Churches attended with a total of 27 participant men.

1. Travel to Tahn, Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County to facilitate a District-level Reconciliatory Dialogue for Youth of the District on 20th December 2019; This engagement will be used to reach out to the Churches in this Community.

2. Travel to Ganta, Nimba County to hold MFM Meeting with Ganta Community of Churches (GCC), one of the largest consortia of Churches in the County on 25th January 2020, last Saturday in this month.

3. MFM Meeting voted for the 3rd Sunday in each month for its update meeting until a MFM Cabinet for oversight/checks and balance is enacted.

In His Service and remained blessed!

Contributed by:
George F. Ville, National Director
Men For Missions Liberia

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