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Steve Apr Update #2
Wilmore, KY, United States
February 4-14 I led a Canadian mission team to Colombia. It was a great group of men, who through all that was planned reflected Christ every day. We felt the Lord’s presence with us, and we shared some great fellowship together, and with the Colombians we were able to work with. We worked with Prison Fellowship Colombia for several days. We painted the first and second floors of their office building, and we also were able to enter the Bellavista prison in Medellin. During our visit to the prison we shared some great fellowship with the believers who gather there daily. Subsequently were able to return again and help paint a meeting room, and re-paint the lines on the little cement soccer court the prisoners play on each day.

Marcela and Johan
Marcela and Johan
We then spent two days in a little town called Concordia, in the middle of the coffee region of the country, about 3-4 hours outside of Medellin. We were supporting a church plant, of the OMS founded church, in this little rural town. A young couple, Johan and Marcela, have been planting this church for the past several years and this was our third year to spend a couple of days with them. It is a real encouragement for them to have some outside support, as the work in this remote town can lead to loneliness and discouragement. We have seen the church grow every year and the Lord is using them.

We also had the privilege of investing two days with two different churches in the city of Medellin doing door to door evangelism with their church members. Medellin is a city of more than 4 million people, and we were staying at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. You know, it is hard to trust the Lord for courage to go knock on a door, introduce yourself, and share, through an interpreter, your testimony, and then the Gospel message. But we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and as we trust the Lord, and step out in faith, God opens the doors. We use a little tool called the EvangeCube, which is a little square that you can twist in different directions, like a Rubix Cube, which helps us explain the Gospel story by referring to the different pictures that turn up on the various sides. Each church is prepared in advance so that they will do follow-up on the conversions and contacts that we make during the day.

We go out in groups of 3 people, one person from our team, one or two local church members, and a translator, since the international team members don’t know Spanish. The local person knocks on the doors, and presents the international team member as a friend who would like to share a story. The translator then translates for our team member who gives a short testimony, and then, with permission, uses the EvangeCube to share the Gospel. An opportunity is given at the close for them to pray to receive Christ, or to share a prayer request, request a visit from the pastor, etc. All of these contacts, and results are then passed on to the pastor at the end of the day. We were thrilled to celebrate 51 decisions for Christ on the first day, and 59 on the second. We also leave 6 EvangeCubes with the local church at the end of the day, so that they can continue to reach out to their community through their members, based on the experience we had together.

Canadian Colombia team

Above is a picture of our Canadian team with the local church members of one of the churches we worked with. The other photo shows what it looks like as we walk together through the small streets, knocking on doors, looking for persons of peace who are open to hear the Word. While there is certainly a variety of responses from those we share with, there is no question that the Holy Spirit prepares hearts and allows us to pray with and be a blessing to many of those we meet.

Canadian Colombia team

Besides the painting work we did at the offices of Prison Fellowship Colombia, we also helped them in the avocado harvest. They have been donated an avocado farm outside of Medellin, and the funds generated are to support a new project designed to help young men who are falling outside the law, and could benefit from rehabilitation in homes under guidance, and not in prison. Prison Fellowship is hoping to build homes, and with house parents, give these men a chance to recover while not under the influence of hardened criminals in prison. It just so happened that we were there during the harvest, so they asked us to help pick avocados. I can tell you that it is very hard work! I don’t know why those avocados like to grow on trees that are on the side of steep mountains, and why the avocados want to grow so high where it is hard to reach them. Below are a few pictures to show you how hard we worked.

Canadian Colombia team

First a photo of the first team from Canada. From left to right: David Busch, Matthew Hull, Keith Burns, Kevin Willms, Marlin Martin, Steve Rehner.

In the second picture, we were exhausted at the end of the day. We actually picked about 1 ton of avocados. Elizabeth, the young lady, had been helping me translate that week and came along to help pick avocados that day.

Canadian Colombia team


Steve and Pam Rehner

Steve Rehner, Business Development Director
Men for Missions United States

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