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Steve Apr Update #1
Wilmore, KY, United States
Hello from Kentucky. We have been home-bound for the past couple of weeks, the same condition in which you probably find yourself. I have been thinking that I needed to send along a newsy update from the activities of the past couple of months. If you have time, send back some news of your activities, and assurances that you are doing well. I thank the Lord for you and pray that He is meeting your every need. While these days are certainly nerve-wracking it is comforting to know that HE still “holds the whole world in His hands”, as the song says.

I have some exciting news to share about trips to Colombia in the past few weeks, which is posted in the next 2 updates following this one.

Two weeks after returning from these two mission trips I returned for a one-week trip to participate in the Seminary board meetings. It was an important board meeting since we were electing the next rector (president) of the seminary, since Elizabeth Sendek, our current rector was retiring. When I left for Colombia on March 10th the world was relatively at peace. Only three days later you could see the storm heading towards the U.S. and Colombia vía the Covid-19 virus.

By that Friday the 13th, the Seminary administration cancelled classes on campus for the next 30 days. I began to be wonder if I should try to leave on the weekend and not wait until the 18th as planned. I decided to be vigilant but finish the other meetings I had on Monday and Tuesday with other OMS evangelism partners in Colombia. On Sunday morning I received an unwanted e-mail from American Airlines. My flight for Wednesday morning had been cancelled! That was not good news. I immediately called them and started working on my options to get out of Colombia. I was told that there were no flights after Wednesday, so I was able to get space on the flight leaving on Tuesday, even though I had to miss one of my meetings. I was so happy to get home on the 17th, as the world seemed to be closing in around me.

It has been challenging for us here in Kentucky as we have faced this virus. But I can tell you I’m ecstatic to be able to be riding out the storm here with Pam and Allison, and not be stuck in another country. We pray that you are doing well also. If you have a free moment drop us an email or text about how you are doing.


Steve and Pam Rehner

Steve Rehner, Business Development Director
Men for Missions United States

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