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Warren Mar 24 Update
Greenwood, IN, United States
As I have daily read Proverbs and five chapters of Psalms since February 1, 1976, there are three themes going through my mind.

One: The freshness of God’s Word. Although I read Proverbs and Psalms every morning, a few days ago one verse stood out, “My eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, that they dwell with me; he who walks in a blameless way is the one who will minister to me.” (Psalm 101:6)

Two: I think and pray for the leadership of Men for Missions around the world. I also pray for many of our MFM widows and friends all over North America, Cuba, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations where, by God’s grace, we have friends.

Three: Velma and I have witnessed countless miracles of God just because we have been privileged to live and work around men who saw themselves as common, yet saw jobs that needed to be done, and they, by God’s grace and strength, did them. I watched Howard Young, as my boss, draw these miraculous stories out of men as he helped them recall what God did through them. Many times they said, “I was part of a miracle.” When they realized the miracles that God did through them, it encouraged them and their families to take another step that further enabled the Gospel to go forward. I have tried to emulate Howard. He was a good teacher and boss.

I quote Psalm 103:1-5 many times when I speak and give my testimony. Every word of the Lord is precious, and these verses describe what the Lord has done for me.

Of course, we are living in challenging days. Our worldwide MFM teams have been canceled for the near future. In times such as this, I am reminded of the words of Dr. Wesley Duewel as he admonished us, “We can stand beside any minister or missionary anywhere in the world in prayer.”

Stanley Tam, our first MFMer, is headed for his 105th birthday in September. When I last saw Stanley, he told me that he spends his mornings in prayer and reading God‘s word. If you want to talk to him, please call after 2 p.m. Stanley, one of my heroes, told me that he has led over 400,000 people to faith in Jesus Christ. Let’s not forget what is important.

We stand and serve by the grace of God and in the strength of your prayers.

Prisoners of Hope,
Warren and Velma

Warren Hardig,
Men for Missions Global Ambassador

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